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The first Half-Life: Alyx trailer is the closest we'll get to Half-Life 3

Now you can capture what you can in virtual reality

Check for any coins on her side or cold weather predictions for hell, because we finally put a look at a new Half-Life game, which will come next year. 

Valve participated in the film Half-Life: Alyx revealed after it was announced earlier this week, an exclusive VR game that puts players in the role of Alyx Vance, between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2
Maybe closer to Half-Life 2, Since City 17 is something and not Alex little.

The trailer confirms that Half-Life: Alyx is a first-person game, as well as, Half-Life. Doh. But she is the first person to be more precise than her predecessors: Valve pushes Alyx as evidence of the strength of the new Valve Index, which includes special controllers that pack on the joints. 

It is compatible with some of the cobblestone gloves worn by Alex, encouraging you to interact with the environment to move things aside or access ammunition and other useful resources. 

You'll also use it to practice Alex's custom pistol - the main protection against zombie headcrab, Combine infantry and strange enemies.

Valve says Half-Life: Alyx is a full-length game, which should take a long time to play Half-Life 2 according to an IGN interview - think 10 to 15 hours. In the course of her story, she will meet some familiar characters and some new characters, and see how Alex and her father Eli worked together to build up the resistance that Gordon Freeman often scrambled on her way to advocacy. 

The trailer concludes with a short, silent appearance of the mysterious G-Man (the man wearing the suit), confirming that all this may be part of his bizarre plans that also extend dimensions.

Half-Life: Alyx will be released in March 2020, and Valve says it will support Index as well as HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and even Windows Mixed Reality. 

However, if you own Valve Index (or even controllers only), you'll get Half-Life: Alyx for free, and if you get Index Kit before the end of 2019, you'll get some in-game special shapes for Alyx pistol, and environments of the game to use In SteamVR's main space, some of the things that carry the Alyx theme in Counter-Strike GO.


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