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How to watch the launch of Death Stranding clip

The launch trailer of Death Stranding gives us a tremendous look at the game

The launch trailer of Death Stranding gives us a tremendous look at the game. It's hard to believe it's finally time, but here we are, friends. 

The Death Stranding launch ad has now been shown and you can see it above, although you might want to make yourself comfortable, as it will run at 7:54.

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The other thing to be careful about is that there are a lot of story details in this track (it takes about 8 minutes for nothing) that we will not enter here if we cover things you don't want to know before launch. 

Just proceed with caution if you want to enter the game as blind as possible before you begin on November 8.

It follows a tease on the Kojima Productions Twitch channel that aired yesterday, which led to the film's debut. We enjoyed listening to moody background music, which was a kind of calm but also a kind of threat, somewhere between Enya and Trent Reznor.

The death of the delinquency ban review is set for November 1, which means you will not have to wait long after to see our thoughts on the game. 

After that, you will be able to start it yourself on November 8th. As for me, I hope the trailers will last forever.

The premiere of Death Stranding will be part of the PlayStation Paris Games week lineup, an event that Sony focused primarily on marketing upcoming PS4 games

Cyberpunk 2077 is a PS1 RPG game in this amazing Dream game

Although it has recently confirmed the delay of The Last of Us 2, there is a good chance to see more of the game there. 

We hope to also get a long-awaited new look on Ghost of Tsushima, a semi-historical samurai game that has had a few precious appearances since its announcement at the Paris Games Week 2017.

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