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You can update the console Xbox Scarlett your own with this deadly Microsoft upgrade

MICROSOFT may not boast that the Xbox Scarlett will be faster than the Sony PS5, but it is talking about some of its big upgrades.

If you're looking to upgrade from your current Xbox One set up to more than the next Xbox Scarlett, this may be your preferred choice.

Microsoft has announced that it is updating its next gaming device to compete with its strongest competitors.

Now, this will be Sony PS5 and the most expensive computers.

The Xbox brand will get a serious update with the launch of the Xbox Scarlett, which still has a lot of holes in its spec sheet.

But we know that Microsoft looks forward to running the next console as smoothly as possible.

It has already been mentioned possible 8K support in the future, but now the technology giant is talking about a possible frame rate upgrade.

The current Xbox One X now offers the best console setup for most games, with desktops offering the highest support.

But high frame rates will also be a guarantee for the Xbox Scarlett, thanks mainly to the planned CPU upgrade.

Expecting a failure on your previous Xbox One X is normal, especially when thinking about the age of the current generation.

During a new interview, exec for Xbox revealed that 4K visuals with 120 fps would not be out of the question.

Speaking with the official Xbox magazine, Aaron Greenberg provided more insight into the planned launch of the upcoming Xbox console.

"With the next generation, I think you'll see a big upgrade on the CPU because we really want to make sure there are no compromises with framerates," Greenberg reveals.

"Yes, we can do 4K, but we can also do 120 frames per second. So I think this kind of capacity will be something people don't see today."

It certainly seems that things will become competitive between Sony and Microsoft through the following consoles.

Both companies talk about how fast the new gaming machines are and how little loading time.

The Xbox Scarlett and PS5 consoles are scheduled to begin in the 2020 holiday, although no specific date has been disclosed.

Although both consoles have concealed launch dates for next year, there will be some differences that fans want to know.

Both hope to support 8K images when technology becomes more popular, but Microsoft has not yet commented on future VR support.

Meanwhile, Sony has closed PS5 virtual reality support, while Microsoft is more interested in expanding its reach to the platform.

This will include the launch of Project xCloud, a new streaming service that will bring Xbox games to mobile devices.

This will eventually include Scarlett games and although it is separate from the console, it will remain part of the shared ecosystem.

cloud tests began in the United States, which includes free access to games like Halo 5.

More about Scarlett and xCloud can be unveiled at Microsoft's upcoming XO event in November.

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