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The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Halloween event continues today, evoking a new playable legend

Revenant makes his official debut in the latest Apex Legends Fight or Fright videos, The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection events

Revenant makes his official debut in the latest Apex Legends Fight or Fright videos, The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection events retreated before the limited-time mode of Respawn's Royale combat game arrived later today, which you review yourself in the video below.
The track offers a better look at all the Halloween-inspired cosmetics as well as the reorganized Kings Canyon features at Shadowfall and Shadow Squad features. 

There is even a new character in the form of Revenant himself, who makes his first official appearance after being bothered by Respawn a few weeks ago.

Revenant, the official host of the Shadowfall event from Apex Legends, is expected to eventually make his way into the game as a legend to play, but the mysterious character only appears in a silhouette right now.

See the original story below for more details on today's Fight or Fright Collection event at Apex Legends:

Apex Legends turns off the lights on Halloween, where Respawn Entertainment's revealed that the free Royal Royale combat game will organize a Fight or Fright Group Event from October 15 to November 5 to celebrate a nervous season.

The news was officially announced on the Apex Legends website following rumors about last week's Halloween event and is set to showcase a new situation that has been placed in King's Canyon's original map of the game, limited-time challenges, neurological cosmetics and more.

The big news is that the new mode of Fight or Fright, Shadowfall, is happening in a modified version of King's Canyon, now set at night and hosted by a "mysterious figure". 

The situation sees that 35 individual heroes fight to the death in the Battle of Royal Royale as usual, but - upon death - players can appear as an unknown version of themselves and chase life as part of the "Shadow Squad".

Members of Shadow Squad cannot access the usual list of weapons or legendary powers but are enhanced by increasing their speed of jumping and jumping, along with destructive melee attack moves and the ability to react as much as they like.

In addition to Fight or Fright's signature feature, Respawn also devises a number of limited-time cosmetic items that can be purchased or manufactured throughout the event, including legendary weapon skins and a number of costumes for various Legends collections, such as the Apex Legends encryption character chest.

Respawn is likely to drop the full set of Apex Legends patch notes closer to the time of the Fight or Flight release next week, but at the same time, the strange Apex Legends cellar rooms are coming to a temporary end soon.

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