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Watch Fortnite Chapter 2 now, before the next game is relaunched

The Fortnite Chapter 2 section emphasizes a new map and graphics

The "Fortnite Chapter 2" section emphasizes a new map and graphics and, uh ...

Fortnite 11, Fortnite Season 2 or anything that ends up being air is expected to start on all available platforms, as Epic publishes its ambitious new update of the world's most popular battle royale game.
Already, the battle arcade trailer has been dropped from Fortnite Chapter 2, revealing a graphical fix, a new map, gameplay features and much more, while the latest movie clip of the game has also found its way to the Internet before its launch, where you can watch for yourself below.

Once again, we take a fresh insight into the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 (this is starting to be confusing now), including some new cosmetics that will undoubtedly become part of Epic's latest battle-passing system, the number of multi-vehicle vehicles that can be used to traverse the new map, and - uh - you seem to be hunting for weapons now?
The film, which is expected to be officially broadcast sometime this morning along with the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2, provides more details about the terrain and environmental quirks of the first new map of the game since its launch in 2017.

It would seem that we would be able to drink radioactive water from the local power plant as a kind of consumable consumables, for example, while I can already see that these mountain ranges are the perfect place for snipers to ride as the ring approaches.

The first set of the new Fortnite Challenges game also seems to have leaked, including a range of tasks - from winning games to fishing - that will undoubtedly help you advance your battle for Season 1.
We hope that Epic will release the full set of debugging notes for Fortnite soon, as its database is competing to turn back after the studio took the game on Sunday through a vital global event. We'll keep you up to date on GamesRadar once you hear anything else.

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