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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep guide - new light content and release times

All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2. This week is one of the biggest fate to date. 

Not only does most of the current Destiny 2 content play, it is also the first major update since Bungie split from Activision - with a new expansion, a set of changes in how Armor and monetization work (yes, there will be Battle Pass) and changing platforms on PC, with the game moving from to Steam (which you can do as part of a modern cross-save feature).
There's a lot going on, and this Destiny 2 Shadowkeeper Guide will explain what is changing for returning players, and all the contents of New Light if you want to play for free.

Fate 2 Shadowkeep explained the time of the launch of the new light in the UK, EST, and PDT

The new Shadowkeep expansion, the free new light launchable version and the Destiny 2 transition to Steam have the same release date on Tuesday, October 1.
Here are the specific release times for Destiny 2 Shadowkeep and New Light in your area:

  • United Kingdom: 6 pm (GMT)
  • Europe: 7 PM (CEST)
  • US East Coast: 1 PM (EST)
  • U.S. West Coast: 10am (PDT)

What is destiny 2 new light? Explain all the content included in the free Destiny 2 and Shadowkeep offer

Destiny New Light is the free offer to launch Destiny 2. In short, everything launched by Destiny 2 is available for free - plus some select offers from subsequent expansions.

First, here's a list of free content for all players:

  • Year-round story content 1 - including Destiny 2 Base Campaign, The Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind
  • Access to all Patrol spaces (including Forsaken's Dreaming City and Shadowkeep's Moon)
  • Alien in the first year, night raids and raids, including Leviathan, Eater of the World and Spire of Stars
  • 2-year alien Thunderlord, bow-eject, perfect breakout and iPad magic
  • Second Year Games, Gumbet, Gumbet Prime, Black Armory, The Menagerie, and The Reckoning
  • Maneuvering games and the special crucible

In addition, here are the third-year new additions that you'll also get for free with New Light:

  • The task of opening Shadowkeep
  • New Space Moon patrol
  • New Shadowkeep's Strikes and three new Crucible maps, returning from the original Destiny (Widow's Court and Twilight Gap)
  • All Crucible updates, maps, styles and new events, such as Iron Banner
  • New Shield 2.0 system and finishing systems
  • Seasonal events of a special nature, such as The Lost Festival and The Dawning Christmas
  • Access to all "free" bonuses from Season Pass - including seasonal access, Artifact and free-class bonuses, such as a seasonal armor collection and an exotic weapon
All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

So with that in mind, what do you not get in New Light? Here's what Shadowkeeper and Season of Undying will get - it's free for all expansion purchases (overtime, at the end of the season) -

  • All functions of the Shadowkeep campaign
  • A new major and dungeon later launches in October
  • Strange quest for Xenophase, launch later in October
  • Nightmare Hunts (bothered by confrontations with the head of a cooperative team, with higher difficulties as the season continues)
  • Access to Vex offensive activity (Battle of Undying season only pass)
  • The new bizarre search by Levithan, which starts later in October (rebellion season only)
  • Premium Season Season Rewards (Battle Arcade Only)
For more clarity, New Light (and owning only Shadowkeep) will not give you access to the Forsaken selection and some annual Pass Year content. 

Destiny 2 is free to play, comes to Steam, and is renamed New Light

This includes the campaign, Shattered Throne Dungeon, Raids and most of the second year of Exotics, as well as newly added subcategories (although if you only purchase Shadowkeep, you get these subcategories).

Too little to take in, right? Here's a handy chart showing what and when new content comes in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep's first season:

All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

A guide to what's happening in Destiny 2 Year 3 with Shadowkeep and New Light

Between free payment to play in Destiny 2 and a new expansion for making a nice excuse to do some spring cleaning, there are a few fixes in some older systems - from the way cosmetics and the shop works to the huge new Armor modification system.
There are a lot of minor changes across the board, but here's our summary of the most impactful:

Each season presents Battle Pass, Artifactive Seasonal and changes in the narrative evolution

Destiny 2 features season-based content for a while now and is now paired with many features and rewards to keep up.

The headline is that there is now a battle arcade with 100 levels of bonuses, much like shooters like Fortnite

There are free bonuses along the way even if you don't buy Battle Pass, while those who get them (you get your first naval battle when you buy Shadowkeep) will get more.

All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

All of this is opened using the current XP system, so any activity you want to play will contribute to its achievement, which in theory means that you can reach the end by playing what you want to play, whether it's Crucible or grouping with others for Raids.

Moreover, there is now a mechanic known as Artefact Seasonal, which is free for everyone. While playing, you unlock the season-specific adjustments that you can equip with armor. 

It also gives you an increase in the power level above the gear level. This boost is unlimited, meaning that in theory, you can continue to boost your energy level beyond what is normally possible - and it would be interesting to know what this means in practice.
The main thing to note is the promotion of the Artefact seasons and the rewards you receive each season - meaning that Bungie can experience the meta by temporarily adjusting without breaking the game in the long run, and resetting this extra energy progress to give everyone a new goal for a goal every few months.

All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

Finally - the structure of the season means that Bungie can build a more sophisticated story over time. 

Luke Smith explains it this way: “Over the course of the season, parts of the game will change before the situation culminates in an event that solves them permanently, and their content will be exhausted. 

But this decision determines the events of Season 9, which again adds something new to the game and solves it, It will also go away, but not before season 10, etc.

What does this mean? The global situation will change, and seasonal activities, such as Vex Offensive available as part of the Battle for Undying season, may not be available at the end of the season, and maybe replaced by something else when the next season begins.

There are other changes each season separately. 
For example, four Crucible maps (Dead Cliffs, Legion's Gulch, and Retribution and Solitude) won't be available in this first year of season three, where Bungie hopes to give them some scraps and ticks when they finally return.

The shield is getting transmog and new mod system

Perhaps the biggest practical change is how armor behavior and behavior appear as part of Destiny 2 Armor 2.0

For one, there will be a transmission system - or Universal Ornaments - for the Eververse and Legendary armor that change the look of your equipment while maintaining the basic element statistics and its advantages (including the Solstice of Heroes shield, for those who have chosen it above).

Second, there is a change in the way statistics work. 
Your character now includes six basic types, each piece of fitted armor contributing to it through both basic statistics and adjustments. 

These Armor Mods can give you perks - such as faster re-corrupted and lowered from certain sources - and can be equipped across multiple armor pieces, allowing you to experiment with different builds.

All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

Bright dust and cosmetic sources are getting renewed

In addition to the seasonal Battle Pass that rewards cosmetic rewards, there is a change in how you get Bright Dust, the Eververse store currency (not to be confused with Silver, the paid currency that will be used for packages and Battle Pass purchases).

Bright Dust now comes as a reward for completing rewards (especially the weekly Crucible, Gambit, Vanguard and "repeatable" rewards) with Bungie encouraging players to play to earn cosmetics instead of opening Eververse Engram and destroying what's inside.

Meanwhile, Eververse will be available from the Planetary Manager screen, so you no longer have to wait for a long tower loading screen to see what's on sale - and Bungie, one lower barrier to entry when it comes to free revenue stream play.

Other smaller changes to come in general

There are several other smaller changes and additions to quality of life that are also worth noting, which players have long been interested in:
  • There is a new mechanic called Finishers, which can be activated when enemy health is low enough, and can also offer bonuses, such as dropping heavy ammunition or damaging bonuses to certain abilities.
  • For Forsaken owners, the Shattered Throne dungeon can now be accessed at all times rather than when the curse of Dreaming City is at its highest - and can be launched directly from the Director screen.
  • The edges of the Black Armory (finally!) Are now part of the EDZ playlist on the Director screen.
  • Weekly Xur Inventory and Fated Engram Drops include 2 years alien.
  • Peak weapons - which were rewards after long and challenging/frustrating quest lines - are replaced by weapons rituals, obtained from the same activities but said to be "not in-depth" for profit. Hopefully, this means they are less stressful.
All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.
All you need to know about many changes for the year 3 of Destiny 2.

  • The crucible area of ​​the manager gets renovated. Quickplay and Competitive are no longer and will be replaced by Classic Mix (Control, Clash, Supremacy) and 3v3 Survival respectively. 6v6 Control and Survival Solo Queue are also their own playlists, and there are weekly 6v6 and 4v4 rotating playlists too.
  • When it comes to energy level, all you already have (characters, weapons, armor) will now start from 750 - the maximum level of the previous one. The new maximum now reaches 950, with 960 touted as a "top" roof.
  • The Glimmer ceiling will also be raised to 250,000, and the way you've exported to Glimmer has also changed - you'll get more patrol-based activities (think of public events, chests, and lost sectors) and complete weekly bonuses, and less than direct killing. Things.

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