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The new Nokia Android Feature appears in a leaked video

new Nokia Android Feature, HMD Global seems to be working on a new premium Android phone

HMD Global seems to be working on a new premium Android phone. We have seen some leaks around the device itself in the past that now leak regularly. 

Today, the alleged Nokia Android phone has been leaked in the practical video. The video features the Nokia phone and is a fully central audio device.

The new phone is similar to the Nokia 230 feature phone. If you watch the video closely, you may see that the device is running on Android which is quite strange. The user found using different Android apps like Google Assistant, Maps and many more.

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The leaked video of the new Nokia phone has been posted on Vimeo by the user. We can clearly see the phone list with Android Voice Assistant ie Google Assistant

The company plans to turn the new Nokia phone into Voice Voice Centric, which is why they have implemented Google Assistant as the default voice assistant.

Apart from this, what you can see here is that the device is running the latest version of Android, i.e. Android 8.1 Oreo. In addition, the device is called "Iron GAFP".

Going to the games section, the device features a traditional Snake game. Apart from this, everything else looks exactly the same as other Android devices. The phone is a premium phone so we can't have a smooth interface for Android which is perfectly acceptable.

Check out the official video the user shared on Vimeo featuring the new Nokia Android phone and Google Assistant.

We have seen many sources in the past about the new Google project for non-touch devices, i.e. for the premium phone. ]

The company is developing its own autonomous Android operating system for premium phones so that it can sell Android devices in the economy in countries like India.

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Google has invested in KaiOS a lot and we will see many of these premium phones running on Android in the coming months. More companies will appear with their Android phones.

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