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Ocean Of Games: Xbox Boss devices have played the first project console games Scarlett

Ocean Of Games: This week, Bungie Pete Parsons CEO and Xbox Head Phil Spencer teamed up with Bungie Bounty at Destiny 2

Ocean Of Games: This week, Bungie Pete Parsons CEO and Xbox Head Phil Spencer teamed up with Bungie Bounty at Destiny 2

However, instead of aiming to beat Parsons and Spencer in Crucible like previous rewards, the goal this time was to join them during Heroic Strike.

The first Destiny 2 Bungie Bounty of Year 3 game is made possible by Cross-Save, which was activated a few weeks ago. It was also a kind of reunion Monday after Bangui separated from Microsoft and the Halo franchise.


During the course of Bungie Bounty, Spencer spoke at length about his love for Destiny and Destiny 2. It is well documented that Destiny is one of Spencer's favorite games and that he scored hundreds of hours in the franchise. 

But the most interesting thing Spencer has revealed is that he played the first Project Scarlett games.

Of course, Phil Spencer couldn't learn more about his experience with Project Scarlett outside the fact that he played some games on the next-generation Xbox console

At this point, the only confirmed Project Scarlett is Halo: Infinite, but Microsoft is supposed to have a lot of first-party titles in console development. 

The primary goal of getting developers like Double Fine is to ensure Project Scarlett gets out of the gate with a lineup that makes it worth buying.

One of the advantages of taking Spencer's comment is that Project Scarlett is now moving and is in a place where Xbox team members can play games on it. 

If Microsoft is to meet the 2020 release date of the Scarlett project, there will be a need for rigorous testing on the console, and one of the positions of Phil Spencer will be involved in those tests.

Ocean Of Games

In all reality, the fact that Phil Spencer playing Project Scarlett games is interesting and not surprising. 

For Xbox fans, this makes them much closer to seeing and playing games on the console, but for gamers, they are simply part of the process. 

As any head of a large gaming studio, Spencer can see products early, and the only difference is that he presents this idea of ​​himself as a player more than others. That's why he was willing to participate in Destiny 2 Bungie Bounty.

Source: Bungie

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