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Nintendo Switch Online: Do not miss this free year of Nintendo Switch Online for Prime members

New updates come to Nintendo Switch Online, it's time to join! What was once a selection of classic NES games

New updates come to Nintendo Switch Online, it's time to join! What was once a selection of classic NES games that can be played with your membership, is now a permanent library of retro digital games that you can play whenever you want. 

Nintendo has added 20 SNES games in the mix (finally!), Such as Super Mario Kart and The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, with new titles scheduled to be released intermittently in the coming months. 

how to join Nintendo switch paid online today

Having membership also gives you the ability to save your game data to the cloud and access online gaming modes in many games. 

Thanks to another great deal for Amazon Prime members, Twitch Prime has a great deal for Nintendo Switch games that will make you forget about the cost of service ... at least for another year.

Twitch Prime connects to your Amazon Prime account so you can access exclusive bonuses for players along with free game downloads and more on a consistent basis. 

We have seen some great offers available only to Twitch Prime subscribers, such as the time they gave from Grand Theft Auto V for free, another to add to history books. 

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For a limited time, you can register a free full year of Nintendo Switch Online with your Twitch Prime membership! This is saving $20 from its price otherwise. 

This deal has been available for a few months, although you only made it on September 24 if you haven't already recovered it.

Nintendo Switch Online membership for a year

Recent updates to Nintendo Switch Online have brought 20 SNES games and turn its digital gaming library into a permanent game with over 60 titles. 

Have an Amazon Prime account? You can start Nintendo Switch Online membership for free.

Free with Prime
Look at Amazon

If you are not just a Twitch Prime subscriber but you have Amazon Amazon, you will be able to join for free by clicking the "Claim" button on the View this deal page and following the prompts. 

You will need to be aware that only primary Amazon Prime account holders can become a Twitch Prime member; additional family accounts with Prime benefits cannot be redeemed for this offer. 

If you're not already a key member, you can start a 30-day free trial to change that at no cost today.

This transaction has a little misrepresentation.
As you'll see on the demo page, the first "claim" button available is for three months from Nintendo Switch Online

You must first continue the steps to recover three months of service; once 60 days have passed, you will then be able to click the second "Claim" button to retrieve the other nine months of the service for free. 

The additional nine months must be redeemed before January 22 next year.

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While reviewing the offer redemption steps, you will be asked to enter your PayPal or credit card information as this service will be set to auto-renew and charge your payment method after three months. 

Just to be safe, once you have completed all the steps, you can visit this page in Nintendo to turn off automatic renewal.

Now that you've saved Nintendo Switch Online for a year, why not put these savings into buying one of the best Nintendo Switch accessories?

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