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last of us 2 release date 2019 - Re-trading before the media event of the game

If the leak date version Last of Us 2 this is true, we will not play the role of Ellie at any time this year

If the leak date version Last of Us 2 this is true, we will not play the role of Ellie at any time this year, we are on the edge of the cliff to finally learn more about The Last of Us 2, with both a Los Angeles media event dedicated to revealing more information about the upcoming Naughty Dog sequel, and a confirmed appearance during the PlayStation state of the live stream playset, both from Taking place tomorrow (September 24).

With that in mind, news about the release date is almost guaranteed to follow the much-loved PlayStation 2013 release, but details of the launch of The Last of Us 2 may have already been released before the official announcement, thanks to the product list from German retailer Softridge.

To be clear, this listing has been uploaded for a while, but few media outlets have been out of existence for a few months, so there is still a real possibility of its information despite its age.

According to Southridge, The Last of Us 2 will be launched on February 28, 2020, and will even provide images of both the Special Edition and Collector's from the next title, further legitimizing the legitimacy of this product list.

This February 2020 release date has been touring for a while now, after Naughty Dog and Sony was told to launch the game back to next year in order to give Death Stranding its platform as the biggest exclusive PS4 holiday in 2019.

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There was also discussion about the versatile version of The Last of Us 2, which will be launched first on the PS4 before making its way to the PS5 when the new device is set up in late 2020, along with the Xbox Scarlett project.

Sony stated that fans should not expect any news from the next generation during tomorrow's playback state, so we are unlikely to hear anything about it before Christmas at this point ... but nevertheless. 

If The Last of Us 2 is already making our way in February, there is a good chance to play it twice in the same year.


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