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Google Maps, Pandora, and Waze work with Siri with the iOS 13 update

Apple recently released the much-awaited iOS 13 updates to the public. The new update provides a host of new features

Apple recently released the much-awaited iOS 13 updates to the public. The new update provides a host of new features and improvements in the native UI for iOS devices. Apart from this, third-party applications can now be integrated with Apple's Siri Virtual Assistant.

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Fortunately, the popular Google Maps, Pandora, and Waze apps have been updated with Apple Siri Integration from Apple. This means that users can now use all of these apps with Siri voice commands.

If you use Google Maps to navigate to different places, you can simply ask Siri to take you to the right directions through the Google Maps app. Navigation can be integrated with Google Maps, Waze and Apple CarPlay. How do I share my real-time location on Google Maps?

Before the latest update to iOS 13, users should customize the settings to use Waze and other third-party apps with Siri Voice Assistant. With the new update, all popular third-party apps now support Siri Voice Assistant by default.

Users can access all these applications without the need for additional configuration. You don't even need to set up Siri Shortcut to use these apps.

Once you've upgraded your iOS device to the latest iOS 13 update, you'll be able to set up things using the Siri command. There are many possibilities available for users who can unlock Siri features and functions to use on their iOS devices. 

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The update itself brings many improvements to Apple's CarPlay, where users can easily navigate through different places while driving on their car.

In addition, many third-party apps have released updates to their new apps that are compatible with Apple's Siri Assistant.

If you're using Pandora to explore your music genre, Siri integration now works well with Pandora as well. You can simply ask Siri to play your favorite tracks or playlist using Siri voice commands. 

Your music will be fetched and you will be able to listen to your favorite tracks on Pandora.

You must add an additional statement to the Siri Command to make Siri recognize it correctly. If you want to play music from Pandora, you can simply ask "Play me like you do in Pandora".

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