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Civilization VI soon PS4 and Xbox

The latest console ports for the privilege of civ-building

The latest console ports for the privilege of civ-building, Civilization VI, the famous game of building civilizations, comes to PS4 and Xbox One on November 22, registering the latest major console port after Switch was launched last year.

Civilis VI was first launched in 2016, but Firaxis Games has continued to keep things fresh since then, with the above Switch port, iPad port, and a variety of both DLC and free updates (including an unlikely Royal battle mode A few weeks ago). Aspyr Media handles the port for both keys.

According to a blog from the Sony Blog announcing the port, the Controls and User Interface for the Control Experience has been improved, although there is no mention of any kind of PC sync features to import such as Switch Release offers

Sony Port will also include free Nubia + Khmer and Indonesia Civ & Scenario packages with the basic game.

The latest console ports for the privilege of civ-building

The basic game for Civilization VI will cost $59.99, but Take-Two will also enjoy Rise and Fall and Gathering Storm DLCs (sold together in a separate package, which also includes 18 new civilization leaders) for an additional $49.99.


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