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Batman Day 2019 rumors tease several ads

Video games and comic fans alike can look forward to Batman Day 2019 with increased excitement. Batman's Day is an annual celebration of the Crusader Kapid itself

Video games and comic fans alike can look forward to Batman Day 2019 with increased excitement. Batman's Day is an annual celebration of the Crusader Kapid itself. It's a day to share the love of all things in Batman, but this year's Batman Day looks particularly special.

Rumors are rife regarding many potential advertisements leading to or on Batman's Day itself. This year's Batman Day is Saturday, September 21, and may be worth paying attention to this year.

On the video game interface, there are some exciting potential ads. Practically confirmed is the Battle of Ft at the Royal Batman Cross

Leaked files in Fortnite show that the Tilted Town area could turn into Gotham, filled with Batarangs and Grapnel Hooks. This is not the Batman rumor related to Epic Games. 

Starting tomorrow, Epic Games Store will offer Batman for free. Curiously, the title of the game is named "????" This could be Batman Arkham Trilogy, Batman Arkham Origins, or even a narrator in Batman Games. Why epic keeps it an unclear mystery.

A Batman Arkham title being made free for Batman Day would make a great opportunity to announce a new Batman game. Coincidentally, this is exactly what is rumored to be under development at Warner Bros. 

Montreal. While there are no direct rumors that WB Montreal will announce DC Comics on Batman Day, it's just a matter of time. Whether it's the Batman Arkham crisis, the Batman of Owls court, or any of the other WB rumors in Montreal, the Batman Arkham epic is probably not over yet.

Alongside the comics of the equation, DC Comics, her writers and editors maintained an impressive veil of secrecy. However, veteran writer Batman and Batman: The Last Knight on Earth, Scott Snyder hinted at big things to come. 

Snyder says on Twitter: "Particularly excited for this year's #BATMANDAY - huge news coming from friends." One possible advertisement could be the unveiling of Batman's new comic writer, as current writer Tom King moves to Batman / Katwoman. DC has many Batman chains that are currently running, so any number of ads is possible.

Batman news from other media platforms can certainly be in the cards, as well. Although the next Batman film is not expected until 2021 and filming is likely not to start until 2020, the Joker hits theaters soon. 

A new trailer may be appropriate. There are plenty of TV options for more Batman news, too. The first episode of Batwoman is shown on October 6, and the Crisis on Infinite Earths event can also lead to Batman (or two). 

Then there's also the possibility of a new cartoon for Batman or Justice League. As befits the Dark Knight, Batman is positive everywhere in the media anymore.

DC Comics seems to have big things planned, but so far the company has kept its secrets well. 

It is not clear whether any of these rumors, along with Fortnite crossover and the free Epic Games Store, will prove true. However, it is interesting to look at the possibilities. It's time to be a Batman fan.

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