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Amazon big hardware event - Here's what to expect

Amazon big hardware event, new products across Echo and Fire TV product lines

New echo devices? New things TV fire? We'll find out. Amazon is hosting an event in Seattle on Wednesday, September 25, where it is expected to announce new devices and possibly new services. 

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The company held a similar event last September, launching more than 70 advertisements and several new products across Echo and Fire TV product lines.

It's hard to say whether the company will do the same this year, as Amazon has been able to become the only technology company to prevent its products from leaking ahead of its official announcements. 

But as he hosts an event and invites journalists to Seattle to attend, we expect there will be something to see. Here are our educated guesses about what we expect to announce, what could possibly be, and what is probably off the table.

Potential Things: New Echo Devices, RING Products

Last year, Amazon updated Echo Dot, Echo Plus and Echo Show at the September event. What hasn't been updated is the Standard Edition, so it's likely to see a new version of this ad that was announced this year. 

There is a very long period of the age is Echo Spot, although it is not clear whether Amazon intends to quietly sunset this model instead of Echo Show 5 or whether it will update it with a newer version.

Amazon big hardware event, new products across Echo and Fire TV product lines

Amazon recently announced a new “lost” category for music streaming services that provide high-quality streaming with better sound. 

It may make sense for the company to come up with a high-quality speaker that can actually do justice to this lost stream, as you are unlikely to notice a difference with the current Echo lineup. Bloomberg reported earlier this year that Amazon was working on such a thing.

Also likely on the table are Alexa earbuds, which were operating earlier this year. This will be the first Alexa mobile device from Amazon's first end, without Echo Auto account, and it will be a big step for the line if it comes to fruition.

The Amazon brand of doorbells and home security devices as part of last year's event, and according to Digital Trends, this year will also appear. What this may entail is anyone's guess. Ring tends to release things in an irregular period, and most of its current products are fairly modern.

Finally, Amazon's most unusual announcement last year was the microwave you can connect to your Echo and control it with your voice. 

It is possible that the company could come out with similar unexpected devices this year and possibly a wheeled Android device that's as reported in the works of Bloomberg.

Maybe stuff: FIRETV products and services, fire tablets
Fire-Fire updates were a big part of last year's event. Amazon has announced Fire TV Recast, a DVR for antenna television. 

The company is likely to announce new Fire TV products this year, either through updates to existing devices such as the Fire TV Stick line, which is currently available in HD or 4K models, or completely new devices we haven't seen yet produce the company.

We are not likely to see much news on Fire TV Cube, nor are we likely to see new partner TVs for Fire TV, both of which were only updated at IFA a few weeks ago.

Amazon big hardware event, new products across Echo and Fire TV product lines

Amazon could announce the expansion of its Prime Video service, perhaps even with new content or new channels, because Apple and Disney will release their streaming services this fall. 

But we don't have any strong Intel on whether this will happen or what it might reach.

Another thing on the heap probably is an update to the line of fire disc. The HD shot 10 from two years old and can be to get the update. 

Fire HD 7, Amazon's most popular device, has been updated this summer, so we'll be surprised to see a new model for this week.

Don't expect it: new KINDLE devices

One of the things that Amazon was compatible with is keeping your Echo and Fire ads separate from their Kindle ads, and we see no reason to change this time. 

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Both the entry-level Kindle and the high-end Kindle Oasis were updated earlier this year, while the popular Kindle Paperwhite got a bump late last year, so we don't expect to see the new Kindle devices at the event.

We'll be on the ground at this event in Seattle, so make sure you have our live coverage to see what Amazon is doing this time.

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