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Xbox One S: Get the new Xbox One S with The Division 2

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Xbox One S

Xbox One S: Get the new Xbox One S with The Division 2 for $229 and get Madden NFL 20 for free, Start the Xbox One collection with two new games instead of one. 

We're getting ready for a completely full release season, and if you don't have an Xbox One, you may be considering getting a version soon. 

Now is the time to move forward and brag, especially since there is an excellent deal that will benefit from two new games with the system instead of one.

You can get the Xbox One S 1 TB package with The Division 2 from Newegg for $229 right now, $70 off the usual $299 price tag. 

This is a 23% saving. 
The Xbox One S has HDR support and can play Blu-ray 4K (but not games), which is slightly smaller than the normal system. 

But if you're looking for a basic controller to start with, this is still a great option, especially at this price.

Not only do you get The Division 2 as part of the package, but Newegg is throwing a copy of Madden NFL 20, which is worth $ 60. 

Given that the game first appeared on August 2, you get one deal here. If you purchase the package at the normal price and Madden NFL 20 separately, you will pay more than $360. 

Ironic, because it's an Xbox One, not an Xbox 360, but you know. The bottom line is that this will save you a lot of cash.

Get an all-new Xbox One S with The Division 2, as well as a free version of the new August Madden NFL 20 release, just in time for the beta release of Fall.

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