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Will give Disney Plus subscribers four simultaneous streams and 4K for free

Disney's live streaming service sets them apart, Disney +'s live streaming service in Disney has begun to be quite the deal.
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Disney's live streaming service
sets them apart, Disney +'s live streaming service in Disney has begun to be quite the deal. 

According to CNET, the service will be launched on November 12 with support for four simultaneous streams and 4K included, all at a base price of $6.99 per month. 

Subscribers will also be able to create and manage up to seven profiles on one account.

This will make it very competitive with Netflix, which raised its prices earlier this year and imposed stricter restrictions on simultaneous flows. 

Netflix now costs $9 per month for a standard definition plan with only one stream available. If you want HD streaming, you need to pay $13 a month, giving you two simultaneous streams. 

For four thousand and four simultaneous flows, $16 a month.

The price changes in Netflix were very dramatic, in fact, that CEO Reed Hastings blamed the rise on the decline in US subscribers in the last quarter, the first decline in local Netflix users since 2011. 

The setback has slowed the overall growth of the company. Netflix has caused its stock to fall, too.

Disney has full control over Hulu when Disney Plus launch looms

Disney makes upcoming live streaming services highly competitive with NETFLIX

Disney ESPN and Hulu for Disney Plus will not enjoy the same benefits of simultaneous streaming. 

With the package, which costs $12.99, subscribers will receive two simultaneous ESPN + streams and one primary Hulu stream supported by ads.

Of course, Netflix has a much more powerful library than Disney plus now, but Disney fills its next platform with a number of original offerings. 

Broadcast restrictions and 4K news, unveiled during interviews at Disney's D23 Expo, are joining a host of new announcements related to shows and movies coming to Disney + later this year. 

CNET also points out that Disney will release new episodes of the original series on Disney + weekly, rather than all at once like Netflix, a strategy that is likely to help it prolong the life of its previous program list while catching up with competitors.

The company brings Ms. series Marvel to her platform, plus a series centered around She-Hulk and one on Moon Knight. 

Disney also today announced a lively lady in Trump will be exclusive to Disney + confirmed Obi-Wan Kenobi long-awaited series starring Ewan McGregor.

Prior to D23, Disney promised a number of other attractive Disney + features, including several Star Wars series such as The Mandalorian and Season 7 of The Clone Wars; programs focusing on Marvel's famous characters Hawk, Falcon/The Winter Soldier, and Loki; and exclusive broadcasts For a number of upcoming high-profile films such as Frozen 2 and The Little Mermaid live.

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