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Spider-Man can be off thanks to the MCU tense deals between Marvel and Sony

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Spider-Man is said to have emerged from Marvel Cinematic Universe in a sudden storm of business deals and legal papers, in the same way, he came.

The Sad Reason Spider-Man Will Be Cut From The MCU

According to the deadline, Marvel and Sony, the latter two enjoying cinematic rights for Spider-Man, we're unable to reach agreement on making future MCU films starring web-slinger wisecracking. 

This means that Spider-Man: Far From Home could be the last MCU movie to show Spider-Man, although Tom Holland can continue his role in separate Sony movies.

I'm not going to pretend to be handling all the responses to the legal licensing agreements that allowed Spider-Man to appear in Disney MCU films, but here's a brief summary of the situation: Sony is licensed with Marvel Studios and Disney for Spider-Man appearing in Disney movies like Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame

The deal also allowed Marvel Studios creative director Kevin Feige to be a producer in Sony's Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home, the same role he played in every film in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Disney will collect some of the profits from Spider-Man MCU films, but the majority will go to Sony in the previous deal. 

According to the deadline report, Disney wanted a greater financial cut in the independent Spider-Man films and Sony rejected the offer.

It is possible that the two companies will be able to reach a compromise before this commercial dispute affects future films, especially as this news has become publicly available. As it is now, but - according to the report - there will be no more MCU films showing Spider-Man

I'm not sure how to explain the canonical jump that Sony will use to keep the production of Spider-Man films starring Holland without any avengers, but I'm sure they might think of something.

Hey, at least that means that Cross Spider-Man and Venom are finally on the table? This is true? right…?

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