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OnePlus TV 2019: OnePlus TV comes in September

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OnePlus TV 2019

OnePlus TV 2019: OnePlus TV comes in September

The founder of Pete Lau revealed today that the OnePlus TV 2019 will come next month - just one year after the sound maker first announced that it would build a TV.
Although Lau's blog post does not confirm any interesting technical details, such as whether Android TV will run between 43 and 75 inches in diameter - such as videos revealed by Bluetooth SIG earlier this month - He says television will be available exclusively in India, and it certainly seems to take some time to hit other parts of the world.

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"We are working hard to launch OnePlus TV 2019 in North America, Europe, and China as soon as we establish partnerships with most local and regional content providers," he writes.

Based on previous filings, OnePlus TV 2019 for India is likely to have a 43-inch panel, while we can expect a 75-inch model in the US and China.

While OnePlus has the reputation of getting started and building TVs may sound ... ambitious ... OnePlus is an arm of the same BBK Electronics which also owns Oppo and Vivo.

What to expect from OnePlus TV

Although OnePlus hasn't given many details about the TV yet, the introduction to Bluetooth SIG shows that the company will sell the TV in sizes 43, 55, 65 and 75 inches.

OnePlus TV is likely to run on an Android version, but what remains is whether it will contain a “fork” from the Android mobile operating system or whether it will run on Android TV.

The OnePlus was first announced about a year ago, and finally, OnePlus is ready to launch its TV

The company's CEO, Pete Lau, recently confirmed that the TV will be named OnePlus TV, and although he has previously said it should be launched in 2020, recent reports indicate that the TV will be launched by September this year.

Although OnePlus has not given many details about the TV yet, applying to Bluetooth SIG (a certificate required by Bluetooth devices) reported online shows that the company will sell the 43-inch, 55-inch TV and 65-inch and 75-inch variants. 

Other reports suggest that the 43-inch variant may be exclusive to India, while other models will be available worldwide. Initially, TVs are expected to be sold only in India and China, given their global popularity, you can expect to sell OnePlus in other countries soon enough.

Furthermore, the Bluetooth SIG certification also revealed that OnePlus is getting boards from TPV Display Technologies, a display technology giant that owns the rights to sell Philips TVs in India. 

In fact, in its 2018 financial report, the company's president, Jason Hsuan, specifically referred to Philips TVs and how the new OLED TVs (light-emitting organic diode) received worldwide praise. 

Until 2018, TPV had the right to sell Philips TVs worldwide, but not in India. I obtained these rights after the company's partner, Videocon, failed to pay royalties for the brand.

Although this doesn't tell us much about the software, user interface, and other features on OnePlus TV, what you suggest is that the panel quality will be similar to Philips TVs of similar sizes. 

OLED TVs and OLED TVs popular in OnePlus are likely to resemble Philip Ambilight TVs as well but are probably without the "Ambilight" function. This, of course, is just speculation right now.

Although OnePlus TV is likely to run on a version of Android, what remains is whether it will have a “fork” of the mobile operating system (OS) or whether it will run on Android TV. 

Since Android is an open-source operating system, it is possible for anyone to modify the operating system to suit their purposes. This is called fraud, often on TVs that claim to be "Android-powered". 

Companies like Vu have sold televisions that run on complex versions of Android in the past. In fact, even Xiaomi's Patchwall operating system is based on Android, although the company's current TVs offer both Android TV and Patchwall interfaces.

On the other hand, OnePlus relied on software to differentiate its products. His smartphone software, OxygenOS, has often been credited with performing the company's phones well and convincing users. 

Therefore, the company is likely to do some kind of software with its TVs, especially with regard to localization for Indian users. That's why the above-mentioned Bluetooth SIG display lists OnePlus TV as a "unique Android TV".

The rival Xiaomi worked with Bangalore-based Sensara Technologies to integrate the Sensy smartphone remotely into its Patchwall system, which runs on Mi TVs in India. "Sensy is now integrated into MiTV's PatchWall OS. 

That means the AI ​​engine learns and offers you the best shows to watch from Broadcast TV," Sensara's CEO, Bharath Mohan, wrote in a post after the first Mi launch. 

TV in India. While some speculated that OnePlus had the same partnership, Sensara CEO Bharath Mohan assured Mint that his company was not working with OnePlus at the moment.

OnePlus TV represents the company's first real test in other hardware sectors, but unlike smartphones, the company may face stricter competition than Xiaomi here, which has already sold more than two million LED-type LED TV in the country and owns 39% of the smart TV market share Here, according to the IDC Intelligent Quarterly Tracker. 

OnePlus TV is expected to launch around the end of September, so we'll have to wait to see how much it's priced.

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