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New Resident Evil Game Images Leak

New Resident Evil Game Images Leak, Cooperative, and Multiplayer Suggest, Earlier this month

New Resident Evil Game Images Leak, Cooperative, and Multiplayer Suggest, Earlier this month, news broke that Capcom was allowing its ambassadors residing in Japan and the United States to test a new game currently under development. 

While Capcom did not identify the game in question, it appears to be the nickname Resident Evil after all.

Several hours ago, Capcom announced plans to showcase a new Resident Evil at the Tokyo Game Show in September. 
The project is currently titled Project Resistance, and the details of the next game are largely absent at this stage. However, recently leaked images have appeared online, suggesting that the upcoming entry into the Resident Evil franchise will essentially be multi-player collaboration.

The leaked images came from Twitter user Nibellion, who showed four civilians involved in a kind of fighting that is very similar to Valve's Left 4 Dead. 

The characters shown don't seem to resemble any of the familiar faces in previous Resident Evil games, so we seem to be getting new characters for Project Resistance.

Does that mean we finally got a new game from Resident Evil Outbreak? While the only way to find out is to wait for the official announcement, the new breakout game is not far-fetched. 

To The Unidentated Resident Evil Outbreak is an episodic game released in 2003, focused on the story of Raccoon citizens, and their struggle to survive in the zombie-infested town. 

The game focuses heavily on multiplayer mechanics, allowing players to gather together online and find a way out of the stricken city.
If Project Resistance is already a new breakout game, the biggest question now is where will the Resident Evil schedule happen? Based on the images alone, it is difficult to tell if the game is set in Raccoon City. 

Luckily, everything will be revealed soon when Capcom releases the first Project Resistance trailer on September 9.

The resistance project is under development for unspecified platforms.

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