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Monster Hunter World: 10 details that can't be missed

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Get a new trailer and a diary of dev here Top 10 details that can't be missed, With the expansion of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne now just weeks away, 

Capcom today released a double look at the story of Iceborne monsters, as well as some changes in the balance and quality of life that occur in the release of the update title along with the expansion. 

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Old Everwyrm Trailer

You can watch the Old Everwyrm trailer above, and if you have an hour to spare, you can watch the second Iceborne development diary here. Luckily, we've pulled out the top 10 details from these two videos below.

monster hunter world, monster hunter world 10 details, monster hunter, gaming, top 10, Monster Hunter World Iceborne,
(Image credit: Capcom)

1. Velkhana is not the only new dragon

Velkhana has been talking about Hoarfrost Reach since Iceborne's first announcement, a star of today's trailer, but Capcom also revealed Elder Dragon today. 

It is called Namielle, and where Velkhana specializes in ice, Danielle is the water element. That's all we know about Namielle at this point, alas. I'm dying to see her armor and weapons because her fish-like features look amazing.

monster hunter world, monster hunter world 10 details, monster hunter, gaming, top 10, Monster Hunter World Iceborne,
(Image credit: Capcom)

2. Brachydios look amazing

Speaking of incredible monsters: After a short teaser, Capcom today gave Brachydios a welcome to the world with a look at its attacks and animations. 

Brachydios has all his old tricks, but director Daisuke Ichihara also took some new steps, including different ways to spread explosive mud. 

This mud will also behave differently and explode more quickly in some situations, which must get rid of players who have fought this wild whale before.

3. There are more monsters coming

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne monsters already exist in two numbers, and now we have two older Dragons on the list. 

However, Capcom says it has more new monsters to reveal from now until the release of the Iceborne console on September 6. In a Japanese event. It is also possible to see more completely new subtypes or monsters. A tangle of fingers.

4. Ice borne's story is more focused on character

From what we can say, Iceborne sets off with a look at Legiana migration, which is likely to be spurred by Velkhana or other Elder Dragon activity and expands on the Hoarfrost Reach adventure. 

However, from the trailer of the news story, the expansion will also show characters from the main story. Producer Ryuzo Tsugimoto said we will see more about the team leader, the hunter, and the field commander as we face the new ice world. 

Handler's character began growing at my end to the end, and the Trapper and Field Team captain can certainly use a more active role, so it would be interesting to see them take center stage.

monster hunter world, monster hunter world 10 details, monster hunter, gaming, top 10, Monster Hunter World Iceborne,
(Image credit: Capcom)

5. Primary weapons are getting refined

Apart from a few exceptions, the Monster Hunter World weapon base is so firmly based on non-primary weapons - that Capcom polishes primary weapons in Iceborne to make them more competitive. 

Primary weapons will now increase more strongly, with higher covers on their damage as well as improved core values. 

Along with the ice-and-water-type monsters coming in Iceborne, not to mention all those subtypes, it is hoped that this makes the ideal loading construction more strategically interesting.

6. The skills were rebalanced for the master's degree

Iceborne will present the difficulty of the main rank and with it a whole new layer of armor with new skills. 

Key-grade tools will also expand and enhance existing skills, so many of these skills have been rebalanced to compensate. 

Some of the untapped skills get amateurs, while some of the more powerful skills have little helpers who better distribute their power. Here's a shortlist of the biggest changes:

  • The exploitation of vulnerability: now converges approximately 30% (less than 50%) in the third level. You can still reach 50% affinity by using Cl Claw Claw Attacks.
  • Critical Eye: Now grant 40% affinity (higher than 30%) at the maximum level.
  • Maximum Strength: Now activates once the stamina is full for a few seconds. If you use any stamina, the effect will continue for a few more seconds.
  • Critical Element: Critical elemental attacks will cause further damage.
  • Critical Condition: When you deal with a decisive blow with a sword, a hammer, a hunting horn or a heavy tool, you are further damaged in the condition.
  • Non-racial reinforcement: decreased attack power reward.
  • Heavy artillery: The offensive power of the ballistic and cannons increased to 100% in the second level (above 20%) to assist in siege hunting.
monster hunter world, monster hunter world 10 details, monster hunter, gaming, top 10, Monster Hunter World Iceborne,
(Image credit: Capcom)

7. Most weapons get some kind of balance change

Almost every weapon is modified in some way to update the title next to Iceborne. 

Before we get into a few weapons that get some powerful adjustments, there is a shortlist of balance changes:

  • Big Sword: Slash 1 and 2 soon crashed slightly, with some of this force moving into other cargo moves. Most movements will deal with more physical and general damage.
  • Long Sword: Foresight Slash requires Spirit to follow the critical eye. Hitbox has also been modified (read: make less tolerant).
  • Double Blades: Minimize initial damage to most attacks slightly.
  • Hammer: Thunderbolt values ​​have increased charge attacks.
  • Fishing Horn: Increase Speed. Increased attack power for "reverse strike".
  • Ax Switch: Evade distance and faded increase flash distance. New combo methods have been added for ax cancellation and initial cancellation.
  • Charging blade: The initial SAED vial will explode together, but the SAED attack and item expansion have decreased slightly. The natural discharges of the elements will also cause slightly less damage to compensate for the new ax movement, but a regular sword and ax attacks will cause further damage.
  • Insect Glaive: Jump attack power and mounting attack power. All weapons will go up and down the monsters more easily.
  • Bowguns: Normal and Pierce 3 Elemental shots will deal with more raw damage while reducing elemental size. Formulation of elemental ammunition and case will yield more shots per aircraft. Low heavy bowgun special cooldown ammo.

8. The bow is getting nerfed very hard

So, about those problem weapons. Bow, which used to do disgusting things for every monster in the game due to a diminishing combination of permissive critical distance and initial shrinkage of cartons, is dealt with extensively in all areas. 

Body part damage, item expansion, and snapshot control are controlled. The good news is that it also gets a "supercritical distance" which will fire the shots when launched at the optimal range (ie not properly in the face of the monster with an illogical near-range coating).

9. The great air sword is also getting great nerf

The only weapons that can compete reliably with bow-catching times from the highest level are the cargo blade and the Big Sword, and while both get some basic changes to encourage varied gameplay, one specific aspect of the Big Sword is getting nuclear weapons from orbit. 

That wasn't Capcom's exact wording, but I read it between the lines here. I, of course, refer to the infamous air sword hunting technique in which players attack air attacks through repeated repetition of the edge. 

We can discuss the legitimacy of this fishing technique throughout the day - and to be fair it takes some skilled preparation - but the truth is that it is getting harder. Large air sword attacks will minimize future damage, so get spam now.

10. High-quality fishing life changes are highly required to come

The world did a great job of homogenizing some of the most annoying traits of Monster Hunter, but some problems remained. Luckily, Iceborne and the title update will offer a lot of fixes and features that are highly needed, including:

  • Hood switch on/off
  • Health and stamina display settings (so you can always see your bars)
  • Color-blind settings
  • Default return destinations for fishing can be changed
  • When you hit the ground in an area outside the camp, it will be either an area with rare gathering places or an area with a beast
  • More camera options and faster scout fly tracking
  • Faster tracking of progress as you track the monsters undiscovered in the story
  • More item box space and load equipment (as long as I bought Iceborne)

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