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Minecraft Games: Uninstall the Super Duper graphics package from Minecraft

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The studio claims that it was technically difficult to achieve. 

Minecraft master graphics repair announced in 2017 at E3 has been canceled, according to a statement by Mojang. 

The Super Duper graphics package was supposed to go down in the fall of 2017 and was fixing textures and visual effects for Minecraft.

When it did not fall in 2017, it was postponed until 2018, but it did not come, leaving fans wondering when they would get it. 

The 4K Super Duper graphics package could have been run on the Xbox One X - a big deal because Minecraft is the only Microsoft game that doesn't have console upgrades.

The Mojang statement indicates that the technical requirements for successfully creating and running a Super Duper graphics package across its platforms have been finalized.

 “Super Duper was an ambitious initiative that brought a new look to Minecraft, but unfortunately, the package proved to require as much technically to implement as planned,” she says. 

Studio and beyond - but unfortunately, we are not satisfied with the performance of the package across devices. "

A studio spokesman arrived in Kotaku via e-mail, saying they had “tried to solve Super Duper for a long time” and that they were currently looking for alternative options using their Render Dragon graphics engine.

It's a disappointment for Minecraft fans who are looking for a visual upgrade, but considering that there has been no news since last year, is this surprising?

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