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GTA Online update casino: It allows you to drink wine for free at the casino

The update lets you new GTA Online for free to drink wine at the casino Plus a range of discounts and spoil,

The update lets you new GTA Online for free to drink wine at the casino Plus a range of discounts and spoil, The latest update from GTA Online gives you a great new 1970s sedan, free T-shirts, discounts, double GTA$, and RP. 

Oh, and a little more importantly, the bar is open. Get your hands on all the goodies this week.

First and foremost, with all the brilliant parents there, the Volkar Nebula Turbo sports car is now available. Head to South San Andreas Super Autos to get your hands on a turbocharged sedan that will definitely cause a scene at the PTA meeting. I can't say no to this classic '70s green paint pea work, either.

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GTA Online Week will not be without a chance to overcome the weakness of GTA$ and RP. The racing series distributes double bonuses and introduces new race routes (Senec Track, Rancho Revival, and Grapeseed Arena).

If you are more interested in the stick, all players who sign in to GTA Online this week will receive the "Degeneration" shirts for free. In addition, there is a wide range of discounts that you can take advantage of - such as a 40% discount on a range of helicopters and planes, sales on the Principe Divi eight luxury car and a range of discounts on the amenities offered by the Penthouse. 

As always, Twitch Prime members who have linked Twitch and Rockstar Social Club accounts will receive some additional discounts, including 75% of Pfister Neon and Pegassi Reaper, and an additional 10% discount on everything for sale.

All these shows are great, but it's hard to compete with the most beautiful phrase written in English - "Open Bar". Just enjoy free drinks this week at Diamond's Casino Bar, the Penthouse Personal Bar, and the party area. 

If your shed is not enough at all for an open concrete, you can upgrade with a 30% discount on the bar and party area, and a 50% discount from the member party. 

Who does not want to live outside the joys of Barcelona's bottom without appalling repercussions? I've heard puking in your pancakes is frowning in some establishments.

As usual, this week is forming to be good on GTA Online.

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