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How to find and unload GTA Online nightclub safe

This is where you need to earn daily income from a nightclub in GTA Online

This is where you need to earn daily income from a nightclub in GTA Online, If you've benefited from the after-hours update to set up an entertainment empire, you'll want to learn how to find and empty the GTA Online nightclub so you can profit from your administrative endeavors. 

As long as you are not completely tricked into being a GTA Online club owner, your party property should have a daily income, depending on how popular your organization is - you can find out exactly how much daily revenue the club produces by logging into the computer in your office And select the Manage Nightclubs tab. 

Whether you decide to blow all your profits on whiskey shots at the bar as you try to unlock the GTA Online Kifflom t-shirt, it's entirely up to you.

This money is automatically deposited into your nightclub wall every 24 hours within the game, and while you are inside your club office, you will have a continuous notification in the lower right corner of the screen showing how much money is there. 

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There is a limit on the amount of money that can be stored in the safe, which is also shown in the nightclub management application. If you reach this storage ceiling, the safe wall total will turn red and no additional income can be earned until you empty it. 

This is said to be easier than doing, as the nightclub wall cabinet is well hidden, so now we will show you where you need to find it.

This is where you need to earn daily income from a nightclub in GTA Online

In a nightclub office, just behind the computer, is what looks like a regular wall panel. Look closely and you'll also discover a small $ icon on the thumbnail that identifies this location. 

Approach the wall and a prompt message will appear, then pressing the right of panel D will open the safe. 

Once you open the hidden panel, just walk to the nightclub wall cabinet and you will get any cash in. 

Congratulations, you've collected your earnings - now go to the Maze Bank website and deposit it quickly!

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