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The first Pokemon Masters Stars Blue and his partner Pokemon

The first Pokemon Masters Stars Blue and his partner Pokemon, In anticipation of the upcoming version of Pokemon Masters
Pokemon Masters

The first Pokemon Masters Stars Blue and his partner Pokemon, In anticipation of the upcoming version of Pokemon Masters, we have released the first edition of Pokemon Masters News, where it revealed that the first event of the mobile phone title will represent the Blue Star.

The events will be time-limited events in Pokemon Masters that will allow players to venture with a specific coach and their own Pokemon, called Sync Pair. The first story of the event, called "reaching the top", will star in Blue and Pidgeot.

The "Reach for the Top" story event will not start as soon as Pokemon Masters is released, but will instead start on September 2 and continue until 29. 

Pokemon Masters: Release Date August 29, 2019

The event allows players to recognize the Blue and Pidgeot Sync pairs, but while the event offers some rewards, it does not The husband gives you free. 

Blue and Pidgeot will be displayed in the Sync Pair Scout, giving more chance to drag it when trying to draw new Sync pairs. Blu and his Pokemon partner have already been revealed, but seeing them in action until recently is bound to arouse Pokémon fans long ago.

Although this first story event is only available for a limited time, it will eventually return, allowing those who missed an event for the first time around another opportunity to complete them. 

It is not currently set when the event returns. Finally, DeNA will host the launch ceremony of Pokemon Masters and give free gems and other items to give players a direct start. 

The celebration will start on the launch day and continue until the end of October.

Pokémon Masters News

Pokemon Masters will be launched with a large number of Sync Pairs to start coaches - 65 of them, in fact. Dina says she will eventually add all the former coaches, so much remains in front of the studio to add to the title. 

But with Pokemon Masters relying on gacha mechanics (i.e. spending a distinct currency for a percentage-based opportunity to withdraw a particular unit), it is likely to be difficult for players to collect all sync pairs. 
However, if Pokemon Masters' ratios are fair enough, we hope players get the sync pairs they want more without spending a lot of money.

As DeNA starts with a famous coach at his first event, he obviously looks forward to attracting attention for the Pokemon Masters version.

Pokemon Masters will be released on August 29 for Android and iOS.


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