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Expectations: How will the expected games in 2039?

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How will the games be in 2039? A group of developers is trying to find out, Investigate the next twenty years of playing with the people who make it.

The video game industry has undergone tremendous transformation since August 1999, do you think the industry pioneers, determine the shape of the industry as it exists today - can they imagine it would be like this? The barriers between platforms will be divided. 

Players will be connected to millions of other players around the world, enjoying the games without restrictions. 

Game worlds, density, and detail will improve very quickly; through the HD era, we look at new boundaries of graphical precision with the unification of 4K technical assets and motion capture has always become an important driver behind animation. That we have virtual reality headsets in our living rooms,

However, it's fun to imagine what it would be like 20 years ago today, right? What video games and industry will surround it in 2039? It's an impossible question to answer, but that's half the fun of it, imagine where it might be in 2039.

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,

Melissa Mc Corby, Odyssey Assassin's Creed Director - "2039, We Come Here"

From training trainees to scriptwriting and narrative director in one of the industry's biggest games in just six years, Melissa McCobrey is sure to see it as we look to the future of the gaming industry

After the release of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, MacCourbey is based in Ubisoft Quebec and undoubtedly dreams of the future of interactive storytelling. She is happy to share but a little hint of it here.

“I can't tell you what our games and play spaces will be like in 20 years, but I can tell you what we need. Games have done great things for people since they were created. I was very pleased with the ability to create games through Ubisoft, which embodied these features.

“In 20 years, we need to learn our lessons - developers, companies and players alike. We need to learn to prioritize happiness, kindness and most of all, in design, in our communities and with each other. 

They reach and must continue to reach people of all kinds - no matter who you are in the spectrum of life, no matter what they look like. 

In our lives and in our culture, they will only continue to expand their p ar capacity Z to allow you to be want to be, this is the human imagination at its best, and we Kmahmsin must give the industry room for growth. "

"Like the song," Circle Game, "says," We can't go back, we can only look where we come from, "so let's move towards the horizon of positive change. 2039, here we come."

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,
Image credit: Ubisoft

Ashraf Ismail, Creative Director, Ubisoft Montreal - "We Witness New Experiences, New Genres, and New Ways to Play"

Ashraf Ismail is a creative director at Ubisoft Montreal, working on an unknown project. Ismail is perhaps best known for his work overseeing the transformation of one of the world's largest franchises, after working as a game manager at Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed Origins.

“I think what we’ll see in the next 20 years is not necessarily a shift in the industry or the games we make/play. It is an expansion. What we have seen in the last five to ten years is new platforms, new devices and new technology patterns that have expanded the audience, expanded where and how we can play. 

But also the kinds of experiences we can make, but I don't think it has replaced anything (and therefore, expansion rather than transformation.) 

Making all kinds and types of games that the industry has made over the last 20 years, they've become more sophisticated and constantly learn to master our skill, but we Now see new experiences and Noaa new and additional ways to play to what we already have. "

“Broadcasting will become the main way to access games, and VR and AR will continue to grow, as well as mobile. But I think the biggest new expansion will come from AI. 

How will AI be used as a gaming feature but also how it will be used to produce content? Externally and internally for the game. "

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Lotte Bevan, co-founder of Weather Factory - "I bet China has a lot to say about the Western gaming scene"

From Fallen London to Cultist Simulator, Lottie Bevan supervised the production of some of the most interesting new games outside the UK, first at Failbetter Games and then as co-founder of Weather Factory. 

Lottie is currently working on the RPG collection, a combat-free RPG set in a mysterious library that looks great.

"I think we will see more AR multiplayer games like Pokemon Go, where wearable technology reaches Black Mirror levels of comfort and deployment. Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for VR!"

"I also expect us to see more female characters, fewer gender types, and a wider rainbow of ethnicities, where traditional user bases from first-world white men move to a wide range of global players."

“Finally, I bet China has a lot to say on the western gaming scene. The protagonist Samoan-Cantonese Lady McPhee, coming to Google Glass in the fourth quarter of 2039. I bet you're a favorite. "

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Yoko Taro, Director of Nier: Automata - "I couldn't care about that because I might be dead by then"

You know Yoko Taro. His face, often shrouded in a mask; his toys, very strange because they are highly ambitious. 

Taro San, a new start directed by Nier: Automata and contributing to a truly excellent scenario for Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers in YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, found the time to chart the future of the industry - it's out of control as you are out of control to expect it to be.

"Internet development has allowed people to discover their personal value online."

“The current situation in which people struggle to gather more followers and admiration will undoubtedly accelerate. This suggests to me that the number of people who use the Internet just to kill time or post an anonymous comment will likely decrease. 

Self-investment and video games are now part of this value cycle, and everything related to them - like making, buying, playing and commenting - will benefit. "

“On the other hand, certain video game features, such as the convenience and fun they offer, as well as their ability to engage players, are likely to be used in other systems ranging from corporate management, education, and other serious infrastructure services. 

Many gaming features will be used in systems that are no longer They are games, in a similar way to how social media is used now, however, I expect the line to divide what the game is and what isn't. The game will become more mysterious, but I didn't really care about it because I might be dead by then.

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,

Moo Yu, programmer on Knights and Bikes - "I expect games to be as accurate as creating YouTube videos today"

From Insomniac games to Media Molecule to Foam Sword, Moo Yu was responsible for building fun games for the whole family. 

Enjoying his previous experiences working on Ratchet&Clank and LittleBigPlanet, Moo is now working very hard on the first Foam Sword's Knights-Bikes - a delightful game that you have to complete completely, once you finish wondering about 2039, of course.

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“In 2039, I expect games to be as loved as making YouTube videos today. While this will inevitably produce an endless collection of games in the quality of normal YouTube video, it will be a very exciting time when game makers and the games they create will be as diverse as the people On this planet. "

"I'm currently obsessed with small documentaries. 
I like being able to get a great glimpse into a radically different experience in a matter of minutes, but what if you're in control rather than just watching? I like to try out activities or venture off the beaten track or chat with some background characters When creators can invite players to their realms of consciousness - be it the real world they live in or their hopes and darkest fears… to the future of sympathy and eyes expanded through games rather than the general enmity of battles against goblins, aliens, and aliens. ”

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Lydia Andrew, Sound Manager, Ubisoft Quebec - “Technology changes will change the way we get to the games”

Lydia Andrew has been involved in the details of sound editing since 1999. She is the sound manager who helped identify and supervise sound clips, music cues and VO sessions for some of the world's largest games. Lydia, currently based in Ubisoft Quebec, helps bring a new level of immersion to sound in the Assassin's Creed series.

"The growing diversity of developers and players' backgrounds will ensure the growth of the industry. The same line between developers and players will become increasingly fluid. 

However, the nature of the player's experience, identity, narrative and how we can shape the worlds in which we play will all radically evolve."

"I imagine in future games it becomes a destination, where you can experience what anyone else has already built, where you can also find a set of tools, and if you can imagine - you can create it: any gameplay, any experience, not just an idea RPG, FPS or PvP. A commonplace. An inspiring world. 

Technological changes will change the way we get to the games. Playing across all platforms and creativity from anywhere will involve everyone in the whole ocean and this gaming lifecycle is very exciting. ”

Teazelcat Games

Judy Azhar, CEO and Game Manager at Teazelcat Games - "I think we will continue to see games that affect lifestyle"

If you've played Total War for the past six years, there's a good chance that you're familiar with Jodie Azhar's work. Jodie spent a decade in the industry working as something from art animation to technical art director - she makes art assets work just as they should. 

While Judy is working hard on a new IP - her own, at Teazelcat, a studio she founded in 2018 - she managed to find the right time to look at the shape of the future of the industry.

“I think we will continue to see games that affect lifestyle - ease of use and accessibility of mobile devices, making it a great platform to reach a wide audience and easy to fit a long time playing between activities. 

We've just launched the really watched smartphones Over the last 20 years, and who knows if it will be replaced with some new devices that everyone uses. "

“There is still a demand for titles that require more power than running a mobile device and running it in the comfort of the home. 

Experimental mechanics, but we constantly see courses in game development, so in 20 years we may see the gap between what is small, medium-sized large studios create shrinkage and then expand again as developers look for ways to be competitive.

"For all types of team, I hope to see a more mature industry dealing with crisis culture problems and providing more stable environments for developers to grow and provide players with exciting gaming experiences."

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Clint Hawking, Creative Director, Ubisoft Toronto - "I think we have a good opportunity to grow sufficiently as a species to be able to face this future successfully"

Clint Hocking hasn't shipped a game since Far Cry 2 of 2008, yet its impact is felt to this day throughout the industry. He has now returned to Ubisoft, where he is doing better - reinventing the franchise with bold ideas. 

Watch Dogs Legion ended in 2020, but we managed to get Clint to look beyond that and think of 2039 for a few minutes. Has hope for the future of the industry!

“Over the next 20 years, our intermediary progress will become entirely dependent on the continued progress of society as a whole. The price-performance of computing will grow exponentially, which means a huge increase in available power. 

Making such a device and its power accessible to the world's nine billion people will require resolving broad societal problems such as human equality, global warming, scarcity of resources, infrastructure development, access to energy and access to artificial intelligence. 

Shell in addressing these problems means that only 1% of 1% of people will be able to afford to pay costs. "

“This means that these games will have a steerable audience of just a million players, all of whom will live in Titan's diamond palaces, eating rare tropical fruits made from recycled humans. Really important games, this is a challenge for us.

expected, expectations video games, expected games in 2039, games 2039, gaming, video games,

Rima Brick, Director of Studio Production at Ubisoft Toronto - “Our industry is changing at the speed of light”

As a studio production manager at Ubisoft Toronto, Rima Brek is responsible for keeping things running - most recently in Far Cry 5 and Starlink: Battle For Atlus

She knows what it takes to make a good game and make it fantastic, the dedication required to help facilitate future developments in the industry. 

What does 2039 hold for games? Brick is hoping for many things, but forensic holodeck is at the top of the list and I'm there with her at this place!

Gaming devices and technologies have evolved considerably over the past 20 years, allowing developers to improve the quality of our games and deliver incredibly immersive experiences for our gamers to enjoy with their friends. Beyond that, making it more accessible to players.

“Our industry is turning lightly, and the progress seems to be accelerating, so it's hard to predict five years in the future, let alone 20 years! I can't resist the hope that some science fiction fantasy will become a reality. 

Scientific: tablet PCs, telecommunications, telepresence, phases, replication, maybe 20 years will be long enough for the industry to develop TRUE Holodeck! I can't think of the mushy Better time to see more representation of our diverse players in video games rather than allowing them to play together in Holodeck Games. "

Borderlands 3

Paul Sage, Creative Director at Gearbox - “We have the tools to make our characters truly a daily life”

Paul Sage was working in the industry in 1999, making him a key candidate to consider what might be the case in 2039. 

Sage has been instrumental in developing collaborative game design over the years, working on Ultima Online and The Elder Scrolls Online For him, the future lies in building better and more immersive worlds in which these groups can live, at least, he said during a break from the development of Borderlands 3.

"I think we're going to be less hardware-dependent, sure. 
I don't know how to get away with that, exactly, but I think it looks like it's inevitable.

 And secondly, I think we're in" utmost precision "in terms of what we're getting so high, so there will be a focus on portability and VR, but what has excited me most is my vision, though, to develop an emerging gameplay based on learning player patterns - when you look at some of the things they are doing with AI right now in identifying Cancer etc ... 

When you start thinking about how to identify player patterns and established Artificial intelligence that can use that data to challenge the player without just killing him - that's what I'm very excited to see, is that developers are not worried about writing details of NPC conversation or behavior, but we have the tools to make our characters really enjoy daily lives and invest in their world. "

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