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Disney has full control over Hulu when Disney Plus launch looms

disney hulu plus: The future of broadcasting is flowing at a fast pace

The future of broadcasting is flowing at a fast pace. Walt Disney has announced that it has concluded a deal with Comcast to take full control of Hulu, which is immediately implemented.

Previously, Disney owned 66% of broadcast services, while Comcast NBCUniversal owns the remaining 33%. With this new deal, the remaining NBCUniversal shares will be bought by Disney or sold by Comcast by 2024 for their current valuation or fair market value, whichever is higher.

Until then, NBCUn channels and channels will continue broadcasting live on Hulu. Whether Comcast will withdraw its content after 2024. 

During investor contact, Disney CEO Bob Eger said there were already plans to create new exclusive content - including a new series based on Marvel's features - on Hulu and expand the platform's services.

"We have plans to offer Hulu internationally in a variety of different markets," Iger said, although he stressed that this would be a long-term goal.

Iger said Hulu was the "third tier" in Disney's direct consumer strategy - Disney Plus and ESPN Plus - which Disney plans to pack and eventually expand

Eger insisted that a direct consumer approach would not only benefit Disney but would also allow for more customizable consumer experience.

When you look at Disney fans, Pixar fans, Star Wars fans, and Marvel fans, these are groups of millions of people around the world who have contact with the product. Discounts on Star Wars products, Galaxy's Edge. "

Disney completely controls the Hulu

When asked about Netflix as a competitor in the global market - especially as Netflix creates more international and local content - Iger insisted that Disney's broadcast services would abide by local quotas, but Disney's products already had a global appeal.

“We will have more products spread around the world than they do,” Eiger said, citing the company's success in South Asia, specifically through the acquisition of the Indian digital entertainment platform Hotstar. 

According to Iger, Hotstar gets one of every four hours of TV shows being watched in India today. 

The CEO predicted that the content of Hulu and Disney Plus would likely end up in the service and that Disney was looking for a chance for Marvel in the country.

Disney is moving strongly in the world of live and consumer broadcasting. 

In November this year, Disney will launch the exclusive Disney Live Streaming service with Disney Classic Animation, Disney Channel original programming, Star Wars movies, Pixar, Marvel, national geographic content, and more. Disney also owns ESPN Plus and has recently acquired 21st Century Fox.

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