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Borderlands 3: preload won't happen on your computer because Epic Games is still running on it

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Epic Games store is enabled but "we are not sure it is up to the requirements" of Borderlands 3

If you plan on touring Borderlands 3 on your PC as soon as you leave, you may have to build a lot of room to maneuver in your plans. 

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, confirmed in a reply to a fan that Epic Games, which will be the only place to buy Borderlands 3 on PC at launch, will not support preload.

Sweeney's tweet confirms that Epic is still bringing preload to the store. 

According to Trello's face-to-face panel in which Epic keeps the audience up-to-date on the current and planned storefront features, third-party games are preloaded again in May. That's right, Sweeney says, but also "complicated."

I understand why Epic does not want to test a relatively new feature in a game like Borderlands 3

There is a good chance that Borderlands 3 will be the most popular game on the storefront outside Fortnite, which means that many people will try before downloading everything at once. 

This can happen in all sorts of ways, from extremely slow download speeds (making preload almost meaningless) to rolling out the storefront itself and not allowing anyone to play, and all sorts of things in between.

However, this does not make it less frustrating for PC operators who were hoping to start Borderlands 3 as quickly as possible, especially people with slower download speeds may have to wait long after launch. 

I have contacted an Epic Games representative about the studio plans to bring preload to more titles in the store, and I will update this story with any response.

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