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Big Games Coming This Month Arouse Fans Of Horror

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Big Games: 2019 started a strong start for fans of horror games. A new edition of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 was launched in January, got rave ratings and became the most rated game of the year at the time of writing. 

2019 has seen some other powerful horror titles since then, including Left 4 Dead- Inspired World War Z, which won its fair share of fans when it was launched in April, as well as several independent games.

But although the year has begun to be strong for horror fans, the past few months have been largely absent from high-quality horror titles. 

However, it seems that it may change sooner rather than later, with three special games that may fill the gap of horror games.

Here are three games to be released in August of 2019 that fans of the horror game should be excited about.

Control game

3- Control (August 27)

Although Control is not a strict horror game, it seems to contain a lot of horror elements, with some of the clips shown in the trailers reminiscent of Remedy Entertainment's previous activities, Alan Wake. 

In Control, players take on the role of Jesse Wadden, whose brother Dylan was abducted by a secret government agency called the Federal Bureau of Control

The FBC is looking into miraculous incidents, with its headquarters in a strange building that changes the name of the oldest house. 

When Jesse arrives at the oldest house, she discovers that it has been taken over by a violent entity called Hess who owns people and even I have them swimming in the air no different poor souls captured by the clown Benevis at Stephen King's.

Control may not be advertised as a horror game, but its hypothesis is creepy and it seems that the trailers we have seen so far seem to embrace the horror side of the game

In addition, Controle is directly inspired by Stanley Kubrick's films, and since he directed the classic horror blockbuster The Shining, Control, it seems to be a safe bet for fans of this kind of horror who are looking for a new gaming experience.

Control will run on August 27 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Blair Witch

2- Blair Witch (August 30)

Bloober Team has made a name for itself in the horror movies thanks to the layers of fear series and was well received by the cyberpunk observer horror game

The studio is now trying to adapt one of the most financially successful horror films in the form of a video game with Blair's witch. 

A surprise announcement from E3 2019, Blair's witch, was appointed in 1996, starring a former police officer named Ellis looking for a missing boy in the forest. 

Ellis and his Bullet dog were quickly lost and began to experience all sorts of horrible, horrific events likely to be caused by Blair's witch. 

As an indication of the nature of the footage found in the film series, Ellis is armed with a video camera that will already play a role in solving puzzles in the game.

The Blair Witch will be launched on August 30 for PC and Xbox One.


After passing a relatively rough development cycle, even Dawn was a successful surprise in 2015, as horror fans extended to praise the game as one of the best horror titles on the PS4

The following Studio Supermassive games beat the style of play until Dawn, but there was no real follow up until The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan appears to be the first in a planned anthology series of horror stories, a spiritual successor to To Dawn, but with some twists to help keep things fresh.

Perhaps the biggest new feature in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan is the addition of a multiplayer mode. 

In the cinematic evening multiplayer mode allows dark pictures players to assign people to certain characters, turning what is usually a solo horror game experience in the game over party. 

This may make the game less scary, but it may give it a new life and more playability than it would have. 
Throw Hollywood's leading actors Sean Ashmore and Pip Torrens to the mix, and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan has the ability to reach the same levels that even Dawn was, or perhaps surpass.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan launches on August 30 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


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