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Apex Legends has a range of quality-of-life upgrades in sight, including the automatic speed of the console

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Individual mode is not the only thing Respawn focuses on. 

Respawn is dedicated to keeping Apex Legends relevant and relatively error-free. In the highly anticipated solo mode, The Iron Set Crown, will launch on August 13 and lasts until 27. 

August But Egg is not only offering fans the mode they've been asked for, as they have gone ahead and issued a public T rello panel highlighting the errors and quality of life features on Their radar.

Created by Respawn Community Coordinator, Jason Garza, Trello features useful links for reporting errors and hackers, updates on upcoming patches, and the latest Apex Legends news

But the coolest features of the painting are the Quality of Life and General Errors section, which lists the reported errors and requests from fans and sources and all of them.

Apex Legends players will be happy to see upcoming corrections that will add an automatic path to the console, the option to disable automatic switching when a weapon runs out of ammunition, a sensitivity slider for each optical zoom level with the viewer pointing down, the ability to convert languages ​​from local audio to English, According to user Reddit AWU_hades, who complained that Lifeline's voice in German was lower than English.

The board also lists a set of errors that will be addressed in the near future, such as those in which players lose rating points for a game break due to a server problem, or a recently reported error with the character Mirage that allows you to continue shooting your gun after being dropped.

There is no expected delivery date for any of these bug fixes or quality of life upgrades, but there is an updated insight, as the Iron Crown Collection drops on August 13.

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