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How to exchange the old Nintendo Switch with the new version

How to exchange the old Nintendo Switch with the new version

Just last month, Nintendo announced a new and improved version of the hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch

The only noticeable difference added in the new Switch model has improved battery life, which is good news for players who are always on the go. 

Now, for those who bought the old switch, it seems that Nintendo will allow players to switch the old model with the new model.

The news came from a Reddit user DarthMewTwo, who claims that Nintendo will switch the old Switch with the new version due to the purchase of the console after July 17, 2019. 

By browsing the Nintendo support pages, it appears that no swap information has been posted. However, many other players supported the claim, saying they were also able to upgrade to the new model for free.

To claim the upgrade, players must contact Nintendo support to open a ticket. 

During the conversation, support representatives will ask the player about where and when the console was purchased, and how much they paid for it. 

As of now, reports agree that Nintendo only accepts keys purchased on or after the above date. 

It should also be noted that some players whose consoles are within the accepted date have been denied an upgrade after they announced that they purchased their switch below MSRP.

Once Nintendo considers the console acceptable, the company will provide the customer with a status number and shipping address. 

Please note that although the barter is free, Nintendo will not cover shipping and insurance costs. 

Players must also remember that they have only 14 days from the start of the ticket to send in the old Switch or Nintendo will not be granted an exchange. 

Transformer owners also reported that once Nintendo received the item, it would take 5-7 business days to check the console. 

The company will also ask players to send everything that is included with the switch (AC adapter, dock, Joy-Cons, HDMI cable).

For now, Nintendo seems to only accept consoles for players living in the US and Canada

It is also unclear how long Nintendo will accept exchanges, so it is recommended that qualified stock exchange players pick up the phone and contact Nintendo support while the offer continues. 

The new Nintendo Switch has an extended battery life of 4 to 9 hours compared to 2-6 years of the old version.

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