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Project Scarlett: Xbox Project Scarlett Release Date, Specs, Price And Xbox Two

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Project Scarlett

Xbox Project Scarlett Release Date, Specs, Price And Xbox Two

After years of speculation that the next-generation Xbox console is on its way, Microsoft recently announced the Xbox Scarlett project at its major E3 2019 conference in June this year.

We have little detail on the new generation of Microsoft so far - so the title 'Project Scarlett' is a symbolic name right now - but we know it will come, when it comes, and a few features and specifications that we can expect when landing.

Faster and more graphically advanced than its predecessors, the Xbox Scarlett is the world's most powerful gaming console by the time it is released in late 2020 - more than the PS5 system, which is expected to hit the shelves at about the same time. 

For comparison, if your Xbox One X is the most advanced console on the market, Xbox Scarlett is supposed to be four times stronger (as revealed in the trailer below).

For us, the console is fundamental and central to our experience. Phil Spencer, President of Xbox, said the console should be designed, designed and improved for one thing and one thing - games, "indicating the company's commitment to making the best gaming console, first and foremost, after mixed messages from the Xbox One flawed launch.

"This crucial moment of discovery is engraved in the record of the Games."

"We will always be dedicated to Team Xbox to offer the best new games to discover, this is the most creative and active time in the history of games.

Xbox Project Scarlett looks forward to being an incredibly powerful home appliance, with built-in AMD components, and an SSD drives in its heart that allows innovative gaming technologies.

Here's all we know so far about what we expect to be known as 'Xbox Two'.

The Scarlett Xbox Project: Basic Facts

  • What is that? The Scarlett Xbox project will be the Xbox console for the next generation, also known as Xbox Two
  • What is the cost of Xbox Scarlett? There are no prices yet, but the high-end console may not be cheap.
  • Will Xbox have Scarlett VR? Microsoft does not have anything you see about VR on Xbox yet, although Sony has confirmed that PSVR will work on its incoming console.

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Project Scarlett

Specifications for the Xbox Scarlett

With only a big reel, we do not yet know what the Xbox Scarlet project will look like, let alone whether the Xbox will be named in the end. 

But we have a good idea of ​​its internal hardware, and the Scarlett Project's Xbox specification looks really very distinctive.

Using a specially designed AMD processor to take advantage of the Zen 2 and Navi architecture, Xbox Project Scarlett will be four times as powerful as the Xbox One X

It will be possible to run games at a rate of 120Hz screens, with a possible 8K resolution, while displaying fancy real-time tracing technology. It's in business.

The SSD will come standard, as with the PS5, which will allow it to use its storage system as the default RAM, as well as increase the load time performance by 40x. 

This will allow developers to flow into more detailed worlds around the player. For "standard" RAM, the console will pack GDDR6.

Project Scarlett, xbox project scarlett price, project scarlett price, Xbox Project Scarlett Release Date, xbox two, xbox one, gaming,
Project Scarlett

Although players are increasingly shifting their purchasing preferences towards the convenience of digital downloads, the Xbox Project Scarlett will also contain a real drive.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Microsoft Games Studios president Matt Booty said: "Yes, Scarlett will have an optical drive, I still have movies at home on physical media - not a lot, but I have a few of my favorites, we know people have a link to buy games on the disc and create a set."

The new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is available for pre-order at the moment and will be launched on November 4 this year, is also likely to be the controller for the next console. 

This may be wishful thinking, but with the hyperbole surrounding this ad, we expect nothing less.

Microsoft has confirmed that all of your current Xbox One extensions will work with the Scarlett Project Xbox, including the current controllers and headphones. But we suspect that it also includes tracking the evil Kinect movement.

Project Scarlett, xbox project scarlett price, project scarlett price, Xbox Project Scarlett Release Date, xbox two, xbox one, gaming,
Project Scarlett

In addition, the results of the online test of the AMD system "Flute" on a chip (SoC), which led some to speculate that this may be the device that will run the Xbox Project Scarlett.

In the results of the index was seen by a Twitter user, although we are not sure what the purpose of the chip, we know that Microsoft is working with AMD to produce a custom SOC combines the processor and graphics card for the next Xbox - the same way Sony works with AMD on Gonzalo SoC for the PlayStation 5.

If these reference results are real, and AMD Flute SoC is actually running the Xbox console, it gives us an idea of ​​the console's specifications and the potential power level - something Microsoft has been feeling to some extent to date.

According to the reference results, AMD Flute SoC will come with eight nuclei from Zen 2, 16 indicators and SMT capability.

Interestingly, the basic clock speed of the Flute SoC is only 1.6 GHz, which is very low these days, with a maximum increase of 3.2 GHz.

This indicates that Flute SoC will be part of low-power for use in embedded systems - such as the game console, and is similar to the AMD Jaguar SoC running on Xbox One.

While the Flute SoC does not seem to be affecting paper - especially when compared to modern desktop CPUs - the Flute CPU seems to be at least twice as fast as the previous generation of Jaguar SoCs, and a major upgrade to the Xbox 28nm Jaguar SoCs One and PS4 native.

Flute SoC is also expected to reach 7nm, which will also result in energy benefits.

Because the AMD Flute system, as a system on a chip, seems to come with a graphics processing unit (GPU) as well, although it is difficult to find evidence about graphics capabilities. 

Apparently, it will rely on "NAVI 10LITE" - which was mentioned earlier when the unmodified AMD Navi GPUs appeared in the Linux driver.

This version can be "Lite" from the Navi 10 graphics processor, which will have limited or limited specifications compared to the full version, including fewer units of CU. 

A smaller number of CUs means that GPU will be less energy-hungry, indicating once again that AMD Flute SoC, if present, is designed for an energy-efficient device - such as a game console.

Finally, the test results also indicate that the engineering sample uses 16 GB of memory - although the memory type is not mentioned. 

This could mean that Flute SoC shares 16 GB of GDDR6 memory between the CPU and the GPU, in a similar way to how to share Xbox One X in GDDR5 memory.

Does this mean we have a better idea of ​​the Scarlett Xbox specification? Well, there is some compelling evidence, but remember that this is the source of a leaked standard, and we are not sure whether AMD Flute SoC will be used on Xbox Scarlett - even if SoC goes out.

It should also be noted that AMD Flute appears to be an engineering specimen, which means that this may not be its final specification - and this could change if it ends up (which is too big) on ​​Xbox Scarlett when the console starts in late 2020.

Scarlett Xbox Games

Halo Infinite has been confirmed as the title for the launch of the Xbox Project Scarlett, bringing Master Chief to its first franchise since 2015. 

There will be five years at this stage since the new major Halo game, so the fans will enjoy a loud voice. It's a bit of a new halo action.

The Halo franchise is widely seen as the first game to be found on original Xbox devices, so the move to launch the next-generation game with Halo is considered to be a completely symbolic and smart in business by Microsoft.

To coincide with the announcement, Microsoft and game developer 343 Industries unveiled a new section of Halo Infinite, available below:

If Halo is not something you do not want to play games at all - especially if you are an Xbox player. 

The Scarlett Project Xbox will be able to have three generations of backward compatibility

So, in addition to the Scarlett Age games, you will also play games from Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the first generation of Xbox.

The price of the Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft will not install a price point so far - not surprisingly, because of the intense focus on the Xbox One price for fans

When you launch your original Xbox One, it costs $499 / £429 / $599, which was quickly reduced when Microsoft realized that people were not floundering.

The price will inevitably be determined by the cost of the components that come into the console: Xbox Scarlett will be much stronger than Xbox One S or Xbox One X, which means we're looking for a price above the mark.

However, moving to a stream may result in smaller drives - or even the option to buy without a hard drive at all - which will definitely reduce costs.

Jason Ronald, director of the Xbox platform, gave a vague reassurance when talking to Windows Central, saying Microsoft knew "what the reasonable points for the console are and what customers are expecting."

Xbox Scarlett Release Date

We expect to see the launch of the Xbox Project console in the 'Holiday' 2020 window. This is between October and December of 2020, and in time for Christmas.

It's exactly the same release period we expect from Sony to get a PS5 as well. Santa will be a busy man next year.

We'll have more soon - we hope to include a specific release date instead of a launch window and a real name for the console.

Keep in mind that all rumors indicated that there were two new Xbox controllers on the road, codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, the latter being high (perhaps what we saw here) and the latter a cheaper solution focused on broadcasting. 

Time will tell if this is still Microsoft's plan, but one thing is certain - a look at the glove to take over the Sony PlayStation 5.

Project Scarlett: Xbox Project Scarlett Release Date, Specs, Price And Xbox Two

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