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Twitch Streamer Breasted Live, ignites controversy

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Twitch Streamer Breasted Live

Twitch Streamer Breasted Live, ignites controversy

Last week, heathered 'HeatheredEffect' Kent, a gynecologist with a newborn baby, breastfed her baby while her crew was laying, and Twitch's reaction was to take a breastfeeding section down. 

When it comes at a time when many women are having difficulties on the broadcast platform, the removal of the segment has sparked controversy, while others are wondering whether Twitch has made the right call.

After the flow in question, one parent celebrated Kent's acts on the Twitch Clip Store, and this did not go well. 

Some commentators saw breastfeeding as an excuse for Kent to reveal her body in exchange for views, and Twitch removed the section on the same day. 

In response, Kent posted a clip to Twitter, asking why the platform reacted this way when the Mister Roger Neighborhood episode, which appeared on the first Twitch page, appeared more directly about breastfeeding.

The Kotaku video game site with Kent followed these events and the player was amazed at the negative reaction of the community. 

In fact, breastfeeding is considered legal in all 50 states, and social networking sites such as Instagram allow it to digest, and you suggest that the issues that are raised are more about the perceived use of sexual conversion to gain followers on Twitch than breastfeeding itself.

twitch, twitch streamer, Twitch Streamer Breasted Live, ignites controversy, gaming,

However, some Reddit and Twitter users insist Kent should not be surprised by the feedback on the stream. 

Some even claim that you deliberately instigated this controversy with the aim of promoting follow-up, comparing breast-feeding with pigeons, and asking why you could not simply get away for a short while and then come back when you were finished.

According to Kent, it is not that easy, saying that newborns need frequent attention. In addition, Kent feels that if she can legally feed her child in public places, Twitch should also allow this

Although the initial section has been removed, it seems that Twitch may now agree with Kent, as she has stopped deleting the clips and managed to continue feeding her baby on air.

All this comes at a time when Twitch seems to find it increasingly difficult to take a firm stand on controversial issues on the podium. 

Many feel that Twitch should be responsible for putting the boundaries on the podium, while others feel that the responsibility lies with the characters themselves. 

Regardless, it seems as if you will continue to flow without reference to negative feedback.

Source: Kotaku

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