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Team rocket event and Pokemon Shadow are going live now

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Team rocket event and Pokemon Shadow are going live now

The wait is finally over as Niantic prepares the long-awaited "Rocket Event" with Shadow Pokemon Live for Pokemon Go players. 

Niantic has long been troubled with the Team Rocket Event for a long time and is finally making its way to the public.

Team Rocket is the next big update for Pokemon Go this summer. The same rocket team began to invade Pokéstops around the world. 

Fortunately, we can experiment hands-on and we can fight them to make our Pokemon a little more active.

Many people shared the same information about Pokemon Go's next major update. Team Rocket creates stores in Pokestops to make everything possible for players.

According to the information that has been shared on Reddit, Pokestop will turn blue if it is invaded by a rocket team. Soon, it will turn black with a big R above it. 

When you're ready to fight or fight against Rocket's Grunt, you just need to turn around.

Once overcome, the creatures will be left behind and you can add pure versions of these creatures to your group.

If you are obsessed with the game and are looking for ways to collect more powerful objects, this new Team Rocket event will allow you to collect shadows, bright and lucky Pokemon

You can also search for lucky lots using a combination of these new items.

There are crazy people after this game and do not want to miss up to one update. If you're ready to fight with Grunt of the Team Rocket, you need to update your game now. 

You should see the Pokestops around which you can fight by you.

All you have to do is just go out and raid to overcome the rumble of the rocket team. Lots of things will be opened and you can achieve shiny new Pokemons that can be added to your Pokemon collection.

We will have more updates about this game as the update is propagated slowly in limited areas.


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