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Was the repair of Samsung Galaxy Fold Problems - What happens now?

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Problems

the CEO of Samsung DJ KOH NOTED the company was working hard on the Galaxy Fold fixes (he also said people would not use smartphones in five years, who knows?). 
Now, a Bloomberg report confirmed that the company had finalized the reforms two months after the phone was initially set up.

So what now? We still have no history. 
We have seen promises that the timeline for the issue will reach "the coming weeks" for what appears to be months now. 

But "people familiar with the matter" who told the site that the phone was finally ready for the first time did not provide any additional information in a time frame.

Instead, it seems that the company's plans are - at least - the first available foldable provision in time for holidays. At just under $ 2,000, this is a very huge demand store stover. 

Since Samsung has now officially confirmed its note 10 event on August 7, this big offer may be waiting to confirm the release date - especially if we do not expect retail sales to reach the fourth quarter.

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Samsung was through the worst, of course. 
Observation 7 was the biggest black eye in terms of timing and range. But the first wave of device problems has felt a bit of a charge for this class like the Samsung styles. 

Huawei has even used it as an opportunity to put Mate X through more rigorous testing. However, the revolution will take longer to unfold than expected.

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