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PSV's next-generation PS5 headphones will be wireless, and can even keep track of your eye movement

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PSV's next-generation PS5 headphones will be wireless

PSV's next-generation PS5 headphones will be wireless, and can even keep track of your eye movement

Leaked patents from the PS5 paint a detailed picture of what to expect from the next-generation PSVR from Sony

Information about Sony's next-generation PS5 controller was leakier than the Rapture pipe on a bad day at BioShock, so much so that we knew a few things about the PSVR's accompanying headset.

After confirming the PS5 to us earlier in the year, a subsequent list of patent leaks revealed more future steps for Sony in virtual reality, especially with respect to the next generation PlayStation VR.

According to Inverse, a list of patents and trademarks Sony has recently released reveals a number of details and model images of the PSVR equivalent PS5, which apparently costs $250 in the United States, and features eye and head tracking technology and can even be wirelessly operated with Battery life up to five hours.

If you are the one to obtain the details of the VR specification, these patents also indicate that Sony aims to obtain a resolution of 560 × 1,440 with the new PS5 headset, along with an update rate of 120 Hz, and a field of vision of 220 degrees.

Earlier this year, another leak suggested that Sony might be working on developing a VR glove with a snap, which - when coupled with the head and eye-tracking capabilities of this famous headset - can create some of the most immersive virtual reality games to date.

Unfortunately, we still have no idea when to release any of the PS5 or any of the compatible accessories, but the current bets are for late 2020, especially since Microsoft has already confirmed the launch window for the next console, Gen, and the Xbox project Scarlett.

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