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PS4 Pro for sale at 20% price, and agreement on DualShock 4

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PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro for sale at 20% price, and agreement on DualShock 4

While Amazon Prime Day 2019 is sure to offer some of the best deals in the summer, other retailers are looking to give Amazon a chance to get money through its own sales. 

Hot eBay's Hot Deals, for example, are an ongoing sale that offers new discounts on the table every day. Among the recently added items are the powerful PS4 Pro and the DualShock 4 controllers.
More specifically, the PS4 Pro package now offered from eBay discounts 1TB of the console to $320. This means that players can now pick up a PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB controller at a 20% discount, although there is evidence of a limited amount of controllers.

In addition, eBay Hot Hot Deals include the sale of the DualShock 4 wireless controller as well. 

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The deal reduces the red version of the magma to PS4 to $39.99, saving 33% of the savings. Whether the player wants to add an additional controller to buy a brand new PS4 Pro or simply needs his current console, this is a great opportunity to restore the DualShock 4 home at a discounted price.

In addition, while players choose new PS4 controllers and controllers through the current sale of eBay, they can also get a PS Plus membership for a year for $40, or $20 less than Sony. 

Membership not only gives fans access to online services, but also gives them monthly PS Plus games, and many players will certainly be happy to save money on their subscriptions.

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Click here to buy a Sony PlayStation Plus subscription card for one year

As with PS4 Pro sales, it is said that there is a limited amount of DualShock 4s and PS Plus discounts available. The Hot Deals offer for Hot Days ends on July 22, and players interested in these deals must act fairly quickly to get savings before they expire.

For players who may be assigned to the PS4 items displayed in the Summer Sale for eBay, and simply want to add some games to their collection, GameStop may have these fans. 

In fact, summer days continue to be sold in the GameStop Game Game, which includes some serious price cuts on the new PS4 games.
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