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A Pokemon virus that scares players and confuses them for years

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A Pokemon virus that scares players and confuses them for years

If you play Pokemon long enough, there is little chance that you will be suffering from mysterious pain. "For the first time that happened to me during my game over Diamond and Platinum, I thought my youth was a Pokemon at risk," said Twitter user Tekari Fischer. 

"I was terrified, and put the carrier on my computer so it does not affect my party." Before he could infect the virus, Fisher feared his monsters might have contracted some "kind of HIV equivalent," he said.

Stories like many Fisher in Pokemon Vendome, largely because old games barely explain the pokerus mechanic. When you take your injured colleague to the Pokemon Center, the wizard tells you that "small life forms" are associated with your creature. 

Then, you'll receive a call to let you know that the virus will eventually fade.

"I had no idea what it was, and I was afraid of it," said a Twitter @samiisquared user, who recalled his experience with the phenomenon when he was just nine years old.

When I encountered it when I was a kid, I was surprised when I discovered that the virus had suddenly spread all the Pokemon in my party. Then, once the error arrived, he went. 

The only evidence I found on its existence was a small black dot in the Pokemon Summary screen. I felt something about the symbol because I did not quite understand what it meant. 

If it is harmless, why should I notice it at all? What was the game not telling me?

This, of course, was the days before GameFaqs and Google searches. You can not blame a child for fear of the worst, especially as the school's rumors are not clear between reality and fiction. 

Unlike myths like "Mew under the truck", the players already had evidence of the virus. People have not always been able to explain what it was. He seemed to be doing something, but the players were not sure.

gaming, pokemon, culture, Pokemon virus players, Pokemon Pokerus, all games,
Game Freak

"I remember the school rumors about Pokerus emerging after gold and silver, came out, and it glitched the game," a Twitter user said @TravinoEXE. "I remember they range from dysfunctions and failures that are similar to Missingno, to the making of Pokemon which did not exist."

Since it was a rare case, some people did not think Pokerus was already there.

"It always seemed like it was not real," said Twitter @AlexanderBevier.

The truth was more mundane than young players would have imagined, of course. Pokerus does not kill your comrades or anything like that. 

In fact, the virus is a good thing: a monster that has Pokerus will gain double the amount of voltage points, which help determine the final statistics of the creature. 

Smart players like to get Pokerus because it makes it easier to raise the stored monsters. And because there is only one chance out of 21,845 chances to get Pokerus out of the wild, players tend to greet the virus with open arms. 

As Bulbapedia explains, you are likely to get a shiny monster in a different color from you in Pokerus - and you can play Pokemon games throughout your life without a shiny face. This may explain why some fans try to keep Pokerus active in their games forever.

For example, a Twitter user, William Antonelli, "did everything I could to keep the victim [Pokemon] in a recession in the computer to keep it" after being confronted for the first time.

Admittedly, the fact that Pokerus influenced something that was seemingly invisible - the values ​​of effort - was probably exactly what this mysterious aura gave her in the first place. 

Most people who play Pokemon never learn how these basic mechanics work unless you play competitively. So the idea that a rare virus was affecting something under the cover, which was difficult to explain in terms of the average person, was in doubt for some.

"It always seemed like it was not real"

Over the years, more Pokemon players became aware of the complexities of Pokerus. This helped, in subsequent generations, start visiting the Pokemon Center to tell players that the virus made the creatures "grow very well". 

Players have also begun to differentiate Pokerus monsters from trade, as a gesture of goodwill towards others. In other words, Pokerus has become a known quantity everywhere.

But even these developments have not made a permanent difference. 

Part of the problem is that most players rush through this dialogue that explains the situation in the center of the cure, because 99.99 percent of the time, the nurse there always says the same thing - why stop and read what you say?

Nicholas Fu, the Twitter user, said: "I heard it at first when reading my strategy guide to Pearl." "Some Pokemon caught my friends and I thought it would spoil their rescue ... I tried to tell them it was really good but they did not believe me."

You think that now, in 2019, this puzzle can be put into a break - but often, you'll find someone on social media asking this old question "What is Pokerus?" Worried anymore.

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