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Pokemon Masters Trailer Reveals Blue Pokemon Partner

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Pokemon Masters

Pokemon Masters Trailer Reveals Blue Pokemon Partner

Pokemon Masters Trailer Reveals Blue Pokemon Partner, In a completely new trailer, Pokemon Masters reveals the Pokemon partner of the trainer Blue Oak, otherwise known as Gary Oak in the anime. 

The next phone focuses on bringing together eminent trainers from all over the chain, including all former Pokemon trainers such as Brooke and Misty, competing in 3v3 battles. 

Each coach will show in the game only one Pokemon partner, a break from tradition in the long-standing series.

However, they are an interesting gimmick for Master Pokemon, with the game slowly revealing more over time. 

Blue Pokemon's partner is somewhat surprising, but not quite, as he had a large number of Pokemon throughout his departure. 

These features include Scizor, Charizard, Pidgeot, Golduck, Machamp, Porygon2, Rhypherior, Pumpkaboo, Ninetales, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Arcanine, and much more that you did not display or use.

Although the obvious choice for a Pokemon partner will be Scizor, because he was his first Pokemon trained from Scyther since Young, Pokemon Partner Blue is Pidgeot in Pokemon Masters

Since Pokemon's partner for Red is Charizard, it makes sense that Blue does not use him, but so may the developer DeNA think that Pidgeot would be better than Scizor. 

It should also be noted that every Pokemon in the game has a special movement, but Pidgeot's has not yet been revealed.

Prominent coaches and other partners include Pokemon, Brooke Onyx, Mesti Stormi, Lance Drajonetti, Cynthia Garchumb, Stephen Stones Metagros, and many more. 

Each pair of the aforementioned pairs is almost synonymous with both comedy and anime, so there is no guess in the resolution here.

Get ready to battle like never before in Pokémon Masters!

Regardless, when Pokemon Masters launches, it will be interesting to see how it works against other Pokemon portable games

Pokemon GO is adding a new Shadow Pokemon to the game and is a key example of the powerful Pokemon Mobile game, which has been strong for three years. 

Whether the Pokemon Masters will see the same kind of longevity is not known, but it should be noted that the idea belongs to Ken Sugimori, the co-designer of Pokemon and the original Pokemon 151 designer.

Pokemon Masters will launch this summer for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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