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Smartphones are exposed to OnePlus 7 Pro for hacking, Statement OnePlus

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OnePlus 7 Pro

Smartphones are exposed to OnePlus 7 Pro for hacking, Statement OnePlus
, OnePlus accidentally sends a global push notification saying "ha ha ha ha" in Chinese. 
In the early hours of Monday morning, some owners of OnePlus 7 Pro may have roamed their phones only to find some unencrypted encrypted messages. 
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The failed internal test resulted in two global notifications, with one message "hahahahaha" in Chinese and the other a string of English jargon.

Some users fear their phone  had been hacked compromised. Others assumed it was a disturbing nuisance, while others were laughing. In any case, Wen Plus has explained with a statement.

At the same time, another statement in the OnePlus forums gave further details behind the failed messages. "Payment messages occurred while the OxygenOS team was testing a program to update the upcoming Android Q

Due to an error during the testing process, we accidentally pushed a routine test message to some of our OnePlus 7 Pro OxygenOS users." OnePlus continued to say that it wanted to " This incident does not indicate any risk to your personal data "and that he was working to make sure a similar accident did not happen again.

Tech4ubox tried to launch our OnePlus 7 Pro app, but unfortunately, we were not among the few people selected and who received wet messages. However, there are lots of screenshots on Twitter from users from all over the world.

All the things in mind, this could have been much worse. Researchers recently discovered a way to send fake presidential emergency alerts by exploiting the LTE vulnerability. 

An awesome idea, especially when you think that the alert of a fake Hawaii rocket attack in January 2018 has frightened the crap of everyone who received it. 

Another failed alert in Oregon flooded 911 senders with alarmed calls from residents. Although the OnePlus mattress was harmless, it highlights how human error can undermine global notification systems or, worse, incite collective panic. 

At the moment, though, we can only get 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈 for OnePlus.

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