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New Phone Honor 9X, Honor 9X Pro: Features and Specifications, price

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Honor 9X, Honor 9X Pro

New Phone Honor 9X, Honor 9X Pro: Features and Specifications, price

Honors 9X and 9X Pro are now officially in China. These are the first smartphones that provide a sophisticated Sylvie camera. It also features an OLED screen supported by the Kirin 810 chipset.

New Phone Honor 9X These two smartphones range from the first range from the Honor camera to the self-popping camera. This also allows both machines to display flawless screens. 

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Another advantage of the 9X and 9X Pro honors is that both are powered by the Kirin 810 chipset, the company's second processor based on 7 nm after the flagship Kirin 980.

The Honor 9X is the most affordable device at a price starting from 1,999 yuan (about 14,000 rupees) for the basic model with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. 

The variants of 6GB + 64GB and 6GB + 128GB are priced at 1599 yuan (about 16,000 rupees) and 1899 yuan (about 19,000 rupees), respectively.
On the other hand, the 9X Honor Pro starts from 2199 Chinese Yuan (about 22,000 rupees) for the basic 8GB + 128GB model and up to 2399 yuan (about 24000 rupees) for the 8GB + 256GB storage variable. 

The standard Honor 9X will be offered for sale from July 30 in China with pre-orders now open, while Honor 9X Pro will be offered for sale from August 9 with pre-orders starting on July 30th.

The 9X Honor and 9X Pro specifications

The 9X and 9X Pro are the same as the Honor 20 series. The glass back panel is presented in some gradient colors with an X. 

The front of the 9x and 9X Pro is the entire screen without a hole or perforated hole. The edges are very thin to provide a high screen ratio. 

Both phones provide similar 6.65-inch OLED screens with fingerprint sensor support on the screen.

The latest 9X Honors are powered by the new 7-nm Kirin 810 chipset, providing a performance boost and improved energy efficiency compared to the outgoing Kirin 710 SoC. 

The 9X Honor comes with up to 6GB of RAM while the Pro 9X gets up to 8GB of RAM. Both phones have Android EMUI 9.1.

The Honor 9X provides a dual camera setting that includes a basic 48-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel depth sensor. The Pro model gets a 48-megapixel camera setup that includes an 8-megapixel wide-angle sensor. 

The camera's pop-up mechanism features a 16-megapixel spy camera. Both the 9x and 9x Pro also feature a similar 4000 mAh battery and fast charging support.

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