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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 lets you fight (and level) with four of the same hero

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 lets you fight (and level) with four of the same hero

Who Needs Avengers When You Have 4 Captains America?, Part of the joy of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 lies in the formation of diverse teams from a broad list of heroes, but sometimes you need to double one character to make it in a fight. 

Or three times. Or four times the bottom. The flaw in Solo's challenges allows you to do so easily for some heroes, filling the entire lineup with only one champion for four times the milling efficiency.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a satisfactory combination of Superheroes and Diablo on Switch

Before I explain the steps, it should be said that the exploitation of the imbalances is not considered a behavior that is overwhelming by most people. 

I personally believe that if you have a legitimate game and can enjoy it without harming anyone else's experience, you should be free to do what you want. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 does not contain any competitive elements that corrupt other players, so follow your heart.

Here's how bugs work, as defined by the users of Youtuber Xiphos Gaming and Reddit, ShinobiSekiro and GaijinGhost.

- Start a solo challenge in developing Infinity Experiences. Which is the hero of individual challenge stars is what you will be able to repeat at your party.

- Failure and return to the lobby.

- Go to the lineup and switch the character in the first slot with a 
different character.

- Play the same solo challenge again and fail.

- Return to your team lineup, find out that Captains America is now, and then repeat steps 1 through 4 to fill the other two slots.

You can use these homogenous alignments to complete other challenges, or even take them into story mode using the Level Selection option. 

Just make sure you do not press "Continue" instead, otherwise your row will change and you will have to do it again. 

If you have an ISO-8 XP booster on this character, four times, all fed on the same XP pool, you can see how this can speed up grinding your personality.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 lets you fight (and level) with four of the same hero
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