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How To Secure My Phone From Hackers

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How To Secure My Phone From Hackers

How To Secure My Phone From Hackers, Gone were the days' telephone was used as the only means of communication. 

Nowadays, mobile phones have entered the fray, and they are making human lives easier. You can guess the popularity of mobile phones by a simple example. 
Just check in your daily life, if anyone you meet on the street does not have a mobile. You will end up in failure. Yet, there are many challenges you face on your mobile

The worst is the problem of hacking. 
The reason, mobile phones have become devices to send and receive money. And loaded in the device are tons of confidential information about you and your family. In this article, let us discuss on how to secure my phone from hackers.
Mention smartphones and you can only see the stars. You use them for various purposes, such as buying movie tickets, ordering food and many more. 

The mobile also acts as a storage device for storing information in the form of passwords for social media platforms and banks.

It is no wonder that the new target of hackers is mobiles. Period. 

And the sad part is mobile devices are vulnerable compared to computers and laptops. There are various threats such as web attacks, malware, physical theft, and network attacks.

Mobile Security

Will we take a detour? In this article on how to secure my phone from hackers, let us discuss in two ways. One is how to save your company mobile from getting hacked. 
And the second method is how to save your own mobile from hackers. First, we will concentrate on the ways to secure the company mobiles from getting hacked.

How To Secure Your Company Mobile From Getting Hacked
Let us imagine, you work in a company offering an online mobile repair in Mumbai

Being the senior account assistant, you are entrusted with the job of paying vendors through the company mobile. To ensure complete security of finances, your company has brought forward the following policies.

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Secure Phone Hackers

Since your company is popular in the city, the HR and technical department have established excellent security measures. They are as shown below.

How To Secure My Phone From Hackers - Policies on Mobile Usage

In recent times, a lot of payments are done using Paytm, Google Pay and other online platforms. 

So, the mobile used for making the payments should get handled only by a finance department executive. The policies should also cover use, security settings and anti-theft measures and more.

5 How To Secure My Phone From Hackers - Separate Mobiles

Let us imagine, your company have vendors in different areas of Mumbai. There are also other payments you have to make. 

For example, you need to pay the companies who provide accessories, you also need to make payments to the freelance repair executives and more. 

So, your company has five mobiles to make the payment. 
One mobile is for making payment to vendors. The other mobile is for making payment to the company providing accessories. 

The third mobile is meant only for making payment to freelance executives. The payment has to happen only in this specific method.

There is a special reason, your company has implemented this policy. One benefit is in time of audits, your company can retrieve the information with ease. The second is if one device gets hacked, the other devices will remain safe. 

When you have different mobiles for making payments, it is easy to prevent unwanted software from getting to the mobile. And the hackers will not be able to steal money.

4 How To Secure My Phone From Hackers - Encryption and Security of Data in Mobile

Your company has laid down certain security measures for the mobile. But hackers can still find a way to enter the network and device. 

In your office, do you use the network to work on your mobile? Let us imagine the situation. It is a holiday and only the finance department has come to the office. One hacker has got into your office 

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Secure Phone From Hackers - Encryption, Security

WiFi network. 
And since you are working on the same, he can also access your network. But your company technical team has ensured that the hacker will not be able to see confidential info as it stays encrypted. 

They have made use of identity checks and access management system.

Learn some steps to take care of your new cell phone 
Can a student live with a smartphone free of distraction?

How To Secure My Phone From Hackers - Security Software

Your mobile has the right security software to prevent any malware attack. And it is a worthy investment. Don’t you install biometric devices for the company doors? In a similar fashion, even your mobile does also have security software.

2 How To Secure My Phone From Hackers - Monitor Users Behavior

How does a hacker operate? There are times when the malware was downloaded on the mobile. And you fail to notice it. That is when the risks start. 

Your technical team monitors the mobile once in two days. The reason, a large number of payments are involved. In the future, your technical team wants to implement automated monitoring. So, they will save crucial time.

1 How To Secure My Phone From Hackers - Security Awareness

How does phishing occur? It happens when you do not remain alert. Hacking and downloading of malware can happen when you fail to realize the dangers. 

So, your company’s technical team has ensured that every person in the finance department is made aware of the security risks in mobile

The training program has covered the topics of keeping mobile secure, the day-to-day practices they have to follow to prevent the hacker attacks.

How To Make Your Android Phone Secure
In recent times, malware attacks have increased by more than 50 percent. So, it is necessary to take steps to protect the mobile device. Let us take into account, the simple measures.

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Make Your Android Phone Secure

  • Do you have a hard time remembering the passwords for your mobile? Then ensure to use a pattern. Do not forget to lock the apps by which you make the payment.

  • You should buy smartphones from reputed shops and vendors. They need to have the software to buy patches for Android.

  • Ensure you do not save passwords of social media platforms in the device.

  • Take care to have the two-factor authentication method.

  • You need to have full knowledge of security features in the mobile. Use it to your advantage.

  • If you have to use Public WiFi ensure that the network is secure. Hackers use fake WiFi domains to gain access to your mobile.

  • Have a complete back-up of your Android phone.

Buy apps or download apps only from Google Play store. 
If you are downloading a new app, ensure to check the ratings and reviews before going for the press button. You should also take to check the privacy policy of the app before download.

  • Ensure that the confidential information in your mobile stays encrypted in case the device gets stolen.

  • During the access to public WiFi, ensure you use a VPN to browse the websites.

  • Check if the app will have access to other features of your mobile. Does the app get connected to the mobile? Then it is not required.

  • Does your mobile have proper security features? Ensure it has an antivirus feature.

  • If you have an android phone, ensure the setting for Bluetooth is non-discoverable. And unless needed, you need to ensure that the WiFi is switched off.


Do you have an iPhone? Then you need to follow the steps in the next paragraph.

You need to keep the iPhone operating system (iOS) up-to-date

Always keep the “find my iPhone” feature activated

It is mandatory to set up a passcode longer than the four numbers

You need to enable the two-factor authentication

Ensure you make use of the “self-destruction” option. The entire device should wipe itself after ten failed password attempts.

Do not forget to change your iTunes and iCloud passwords

Even if the situation seems adverse, try to use only secure WiFi rather than public WiFi

The best point is disabling Siri on the iPhone lock screen and

Do not forget to revise permissions related to the apps for microphone and camera.

If you have come to the conclusion part, it means that the article is nearing the completion stage. We had conversed with several mobile repair technicians and given you the best content. 

Now, there are chances even after taking all security measures, your mobile device has suffered a malware attack. 

Will we take a simple example? You are in Pune and the mobile has a malware attack. The performance has gone slow. You fear that spyware has got download in your mobile. So, you switch off the mobile. You know the situation needs a mobile repair expert.

If you want to get the help of an expert, it is very easy. 
What is the best method? Searching on the internet, asking for referrals, right? In both methods, you will waste lots of time. 

You need to call the referrals, check their time, payment and then compare the prices. How about, we give a simple step to hire the best online mobile repair in Pune? Download the app of the best household service company in the city and search for the best profiles in town. Select the best pro and make a request. 

The person will come to your house on the dot and fix the mobile problem.

Given in the article are simple ways on how to secure my phone from hackers. Do you want to get articles on recent technology updates? Then please do not forget to subscribe for our free newsletter.

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