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How to Get a Rare Kifflom Shirt in GTA Online

How to Get a Rare Kifflom Shirt in GTA Online, Wit, go out, wake up in a strange place, get a shirt
Rare Kifflom Shirt in GTA Online

How to Get a Rare Kifflom Shirt in GTA Online, Wit, go out, wake up in a strange place, get a shirt, In addition to allowing players to set up their own night empire, the After Dark update provided an opportunity to get the rare Kifflom shirt on GTA Online thanks to its very special Easter Egg. 

To do this, GTA Online players need to drink until they run out and wake up in strange places - something that should not be new if you've spent time in Trevor at GTA 5
If you actually get a Kifflom T-shirt for yourself, it was good luck, but it is useful to give you detailed information about what you need to do to try to get it here. 

This is how to get a rare Kifflom T-shirt at GTA Online.

How to Get a T-Shirt Kifflom in GTA Online

First, you'll need to install the update after hours and then go to a club. Once you are in, you will have to choose to buy a drink at the bar. 

These range from a bottle of Pisswasser worth $5 to a bottle of Diamond Champagne that will bring you back to $150,000 (you can get rid of them and spray them everywhere like an F1 star) but what you are looking for is this Macbeth Whiskey. 

Regular players cost $350, but if you own a club for free, and what you have to do next, buying a club can be a long-term investment.

If Macbeth Whiskey is "out of stock," your nightclub will not have the popularity to serve it, so either go somewhere else or if you're in your club, and then go on some nightclub promotions from the computer Your office to increase your level of popularity.

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Rare Kifflom Shirt in GTA Online

When you drink a Macbeth shot, you will quickly lose consciousness (these are some powerful things) and you will wake up in a new random place. 

These are usually club toilets (not always) but sometimes it will be in a random location around Los Santos. 

What you want to happen next is that you are moved to the top of the Epsilon building in Rockford Hills wearing a rare Kevlum shirt.

If that does not happen, you'll have to go back to the club, drink another shot and hope for the best. Just a warning, some people said they tried for over an hour to get it and did not get any luck.

Right now, there's no trick to move to the top of the building, just keep trying and it will eventually happen. it will be. Trust us.

Once obtained, you will be able to access them from any clothing store or from your wardrobe in the "Special Tops" section of the menu. Interesting fact: This is a replica of the jersey you can buy from Rockstar Warehouse in real life! Now you can own it almost in the real world. Kellum, friends.

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