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GTA Online Twitch Prime Diamond Casino: How to get Master Penthouse for free

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GTA Online Twitch Prime Diamond Casino

GTA Online Twitch Prime Diamond Casino: How to get Master Penthouse for free

GTA Online Twitch Prime Diamond Casino: How to get Master Penthouse for free, You can link your Twitch Prime account on or before Friday, July 19, to claim your suite, As part of the upcoming Diamond GTA Online add-on, Rockstar adds a big new bonus to the Twitch Prime Benefits program. 

Players who connect the Twitch Prime account with their Rockstar Social Club account before the end of the day on Friday, July 19th will receive a free Diamond Master Master collection, standard GTC Cash rewards of up to $1.25 million and up to 15% discount on cash shark cards.

Activate the GTA Online Twitch Prime Rewards and ask for your master penthouse
Master Penthouse is more than just a customizable social space. Allows you to access new cooperative tasks with special completion bonuses for the first time, including a unique car. 

Penthouse owners can also play high-end gambling tables within the casino itself, and use services such as aircraft or limousine transportation. 

It looks like a nice bug, so let's learn how to claim the Master Penthouse suite for free using the Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime is one of the Amazon Prime subscription rewards, so you'll need to link your Amazon account to the Twitch account first. 

Paying all contact missions at GTA Online twice this week, nightclubs are 30% off

Once you sign in to Amazon, you can activate Twitch Prime here. If you're not interested in maintaining an Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime subscription, and you have not used Prime before, you can sign up for the free trial month to claim this offer. 

Just make sure you cancel your subscription before the end of your 30-day trial since automatic renewal is enabled by default.

Now that Twitch Prime has become active, it's time to activate it on your Rockstar Social Club account. 
You can do it here. Sign in to the Social Club, link your Twitch account, then link the game account (Xbox Live, etc.) and you'll be fine.

Once again, the Master Penthouse will only be available on Friday, July 19th. If you link your account in time, you will be able to buy the suite free of charge once Diamond Resort & Resort arrives on Tuesday, July 23rd.

GTA Online Twitch Prime Diamond Casino

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