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GTA Online Patch Notes: A set of nightclub discounts and double rewards on contact missions

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GTA Online Patch Notes: A set of nightclub discounts and double rewards on contact missions

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Here's what happens in GTA Online's latest update, Get ready to feel the noise at GTA Online this week, because it's all about the nightclub at the last update. 

If you complete a nightclub sale before June 5, GTA will receive an additional $250,000 for your problems. You can also register multiple rewards for your calling mission (including Madrazo and Mimeon Premium Deluxe Repo Work Missions) in the latest GTA Online update. 

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GTA$ and RP have also multiplied in occupation modes and the hardest target is until June 5.

If you feel lost this week, go to the wild - all nightclubs offer a bar that is open for now, so you can drink your liver in total ruin. 

But the smartest thing you have to do before getting a hammer is to take advantage of some deep discounts on nightclubs and add-ons, which will be happy because you were kidnapped at any time you feel like you're hitting a dance floor.

Nightclubs - 40% discount
Nightclub technicians - 40% discount
Nightclub garage - 30% discount
Nightclub stores - 30% discount
Renovations and nightclub - 30% discount

There are also a lot of attractive cuts on advanced cars, if you are in the market to get a new set of wheels (or chopper, or bike, what you want):

Grotti X80 Proto - 40% discount
Överflöd Tyrant - 40% discount
Dinka Geister Classic - 40% off
Ocelot slingshot - 40% discount
Pegassi Oppressor Mk II - 30% off
Ocelot Ardent - 30% off
Vapid Caracara - 35% off
FH-1 Hunter helicopter - 40% off

As usual, you will also get a free piece of clothing booty just to sign in to GTA Online this week - or four, in keeping with the theme of the nightclub for this update. 

Hoop Online will collect the four tees based on DJ after hours: White Solomun Logo Tale, Tale of Us Afterlight Tee, Dixon Glitch Tee and White The Black Madonna Tee.
Finally, there are more premium race circuits to enjoy this week. The cost of participating in the 8-player race is $20,000, but you can get $100,000 for first place (the second and third place winners get $30,000 and $20,000 respectively). 

Go to Legion Square on the following dates to participate in their respective races:

May 30: Takeoff (closed on Super)
May 31 - June 3: Shoe on the floor (closed on a motorcycle)
June 4 to 5: Down Town Metro (Closed to Super)

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