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Fortnite Patch Notes: Update 9.40 adds another gun and opens a bolt sniper action

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Fortnite Patch Notes

Fortnite Patch Notes: Update 9.40 adds another gun and opens a bolt sniper action

Tactical and epic tactical guns arrived, There are no major modes in the latest Fortnite debug reviews, but the update is 9.40 feet (and prepared) some potentially very powerful weapons. 

First, the epic and legendary variants of the Tactical Rifle, both of which have eight shells on a clip, which can be launched all in just over five seconds. 

You can get these new guns from no land looting, crates, drop supplies, loot carriers, and vending machines.

Talking Guns: The combat rifle has been toned down "to reduce its long-range effectiveness and change the curve to a little more falling with other guns," Epic said. 

The damage to the head was reduced slightly, and the maximum extent of its effectiveness was greatly reduced from 19.53 tiles to 11.72. This should give the new tactical rifle a better chance in some lights.

Not all guns are this update, though. Bolt-Action Sniper Rave of Vault returned with Rare, Epic and Legendary variants, while the suppressed Sniper Rifle was suppressed. 

There will be a lot of sniping "and gunrunning" this patch.

Epic also announced two new Fortnite Battle Royale titles in the update of 9.40. First, the Xbox Cup will be held solo on July 20 and 21, with $1 million cash prizes for all Xbox One players. 

Proximity Bomb is coming to Fortnite with the new update

The Trius Cash Cup will also be held on July 21. 
The prize pool is also $1 million, but you will need to reach Champion League in Arena mode to be eligible to participate.

As things get closer, Fortnite Creative got Spawner, which will undoubtedly produce some Rocket League-inspired maps, as well as some Christmas trophies commemorating its two-year anniversary. 

There is a new birthday skin, some Christmas tasks, and most importantly, birthday llamas. Happy Birthday, Lama.

You can read the full Forint correction notes here. To learn more about the upcoming Fortnite events, check out the final confrontation leaks at Fortnite 9.

Fortnite Patch Notes

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