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You can repair your iphone at all best Buy stores, apple iphone news release

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apple iphone news release

You can repair your iPhone at all Best Buy stores, iPhone screen fixes are available on the same day, Apple announced this morning that Best Buy is now offering certified fixes for its products at every retail store. 
This gives consumers an important alternative to visiting the nearest Apple store - if there is one - for service on the iPhone or Mac. The repairs are done using the original Apple parts and fully supported by the company, just as if Apple had completed the work itself.

Best Buy has offered Apple repairs in many locations for some time now, but the completed expansion reaches as many as 1,000 stores. Apple said in a press release: "The Best Buy's Geek Squad team has nearly 7600 newly approved Apple technicians ready to make iPhone repairs on the same day or to serve other Apple products." 

Best Buy stores exist in neighborhoods that may not exist on Apple, so this is a good option to prepare. 

Most Best Buy sites contain sections featuring Apple with their company's iOS devices, MacBooks, HomePod, and other products.

In its own stores, Apple has recently pushed up keyboard repairs for MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro laptops, which in many cases are changing the next day. 

It is not clear whether Best Buy has also begun replacing the third-generation butterfly keyboard with the 2019 refurbished version.

For iPhone screen alternatives on the same day, Best Buy recommends that customers set a date and download their devices before 18:00 local time. 

Assuming that the parts needed in the store, you will get your phone back that day or you can just browse the store while waiting for the repair to complete.

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