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Xiaomi explained more about how the camera actually works under the screen

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Xiaomi explained more about how the camera actually works under the screen, The battle for cracks has quickly become a thing of the past. Companies such as Oppo and Xiaomi are already working on transparent display cameras that hide the sensor at the bottom of the screen - not required. 

Today, vice president Xiaomi Wang Xiang Tigrid series of slides that made more about how the feature already worked, via DPReview.

To implement Xiaomi for this feature, the camera is included at the top of the device, as usual. 

But instead of putting an end to it or cutting a hole in the screen, the camera is covered with "high reflective glass with high permeability."

Xiaomi says the setting allows the screen area to become transparent for taking pictures, and then the transparent screen doubles intelligently when the camera lens becomes at the top.

Xiaomi points out that by not trying to make the camera (and therefore the inevitable incision) as small as possible, the transparent display system allows for a larger sensor and better image quality than the cracks in the existing tears.

It does not seem to be a perfect system yet: In the Xiaomi chipset, you can still see a faint outline of the camera lens at the bottom of the active screen, but at least a usable area of ​​the screen instead of a fully obscured area on the top. 

Compared with other lower-grade solutions, such as pop-up lenses or conventional cameras, there are no mechanically moving parts here.

All we need now is a new phone that really uses the new camera. All that Xiaomi is saying right now is that he "is currently exploring this possibility." 

Despite knowing the company's love for experimental smartphones that drive the form factors and new technology, hope not to wait long.

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