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Xbox Project Scarlett specs - What's in the next-generation console?

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Xbox Project Scarlett specs - What's in the next-generation console?
Xbox Project Scarlett specs - What's in the next-generation console? , This is - the next generation of keyboards is finally on us, and we now have the taste of the Scarlett Project Xbox specification. 

Although we did not see the system itself (or get its real name, for that matter), we did not have much details of the Xbox E3 2019 show

From their voices, this is a console that blows all of our water away. As shown in the short video unveiled, it is "the most immersive console experience ever". You can see the entire teaser below.

The Xbox Project Scarlett, which is 40 times faster than previous generations, is 120 frames per second (for example, 60FPS is the maximum you will get on the console at the moment), 8K resolution, variable refresh rate, Next "Look for the amazingly brilliant lighting effects. 

If you are new to this concept, the beam tracing simulates striking light and bounce individual objects in a realistic way. This makes visual images more realistic, and is currently keeping expensive computers expensive. 

In the case of Project Scarlett, real-time beam tracing is supported by dedicated devices - 20-series graphics cards - which are 4x stronger than Xbox One X. More specifically, Microsoft is promoting this as the largest leap forward. If this is the case,

Xbox Project Scarlett - E3 2019 - Reveal Trailer

Based on AMD's powerful, powerful (and custom) Navi 2 chipset, Project Scarlett also fills up high-bandwidth DDR6 RAM and the new SSD to make your games run much faster. 

Basically, long load times will be a thing of the past; the idea is you'll be able to move between areas smoothly and without loading screens. 

This makes for a more vibrant and immersive world without anything distracting you from the experience. 

Better yet, Navi 2 outperforms the already powerful 2070 GPU card by 10 per cent. For translation, this has a lot of horsepower under one roof. This also means that you can download games through the Xbox Game Pass at ridiculously fast speeds.

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