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The Dell designer software to protect you from getting weak points on another gap

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The Dell designer software to protect you from getting weak points on another gap
The Dell designer software to protect you from getting weak points on another gap, The Dell SupportAssist is still insecure, so update your device now, Dell's SupportAssist, a partially designed Windows toolkit to protect your computer from security vulnerabilities, has another vulnerability that makes running older versions of the software a threat to your system. 

A serious concern here is that this vulnerability does not affect only Dell-equipped Dell SupportAssist devices, as was the case with the SupportAssist vulnerability that is completely separate from two months. 

This time, it can affect other laptop manufacturers, such as Dell, that are using modified versions of the same Windows package, which includes a component known as the PC-Doctor Toolbox. 

Other companies known to use this same component in software packages include the Corsair gaming brand, the Staples office supplies chain and the Tobii eye tracking company.

SUPPORT ASSIS retains the existence of security issues
Because Dell SupportAssist has administrator-level access to your Windows device and can install updates automatically, a third-party exploit can exploit this vulnerability to install malicious code that is hidden inside what is known as dynamic link library files or DLL files. 

According to the Dell Web site, SupportAssist has already been installed on most Dell devices running Windows. This means that as long as the software is not corrected, the vulnerability affects millions of Dell computer users, "explains SafeBreach researcher Peleg Hadar.

Says there are two main ways that can be exploited by a hacker. The first is that attackers can be given the ability to load and execute malicious payloads by a signed service. 

The second is that the attacker can bypass the "signature of the driver signature" to access read/write permissions. Both give a third party a lot of control over your computer in the worst of scenarios.

Although these are rare cases, it is not comfortable to know that bloated programs that are preloaded on a Windows machine continue to experience serious problems like this.

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